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    Classic Red Velvet Cake (14p/ptn)

    Three layers of red sponge, filled and masked with cream cheese flavour frosting. Decorated with a sprinkle of diced raspberry pieces.
    Code: 74045
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    Pulled Pork (10x1kg)

    Chunks of pork shoulder, slow cooked for 5 hours in a pouch to retain natural juices. Ready to shred. Seasoned but without sauce.

    Sticky Orange & Chocolate Cake (14p/ptn)

    Squidgy orange curd sponge, filled with pockets of zesty orange curd. Smothered in dark chocolate ganache, zig-zagged with orange icing & Belgian chocolate sauce.

    Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft) Blue (24)

    The dust pan & brush set features a bonded rubber strip to ensure all dirt is picked up first time. A serrated edge is present to easily remove any soiling from the hand brush. The hand brush is complete with soft black bristles ideal for clearing fine particles from floors and also surfaces. Both the dustpan and brush are available in the four hygiene colours. Efficient at picking up waste Good quality Available in 4 hygiene colours