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    Cakes and Sweet Pastry

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    Aulds Delicious Desserts GF & Vegan Salted Caramel Brownie (30ptn)

    30 portions.Square of rich chocolate brownie with a smooth sweet salted caramel sauce and finished with a sprinkling of chocolate crumb.

    Baker & Baker Banana & Toffee Muffins (24x125g)

    95% baked, simply finish in the oven for approx. 10 minutes for a homemade feel or just thaw & serve. Supplied in attractive black crown cases.

    Baker & Baker Blueberry Muffins (24x125g)

    95% baked, simply finish in the oven for approx. 10 minutes for a homemade feel or just thaw & serve. Supplied in attractive black crown cases.

    Baker & Baker Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (5kg)

    Plain dough with milk chocolate chips. Defrost in the fridge prior to use. Simply scoop from the pail, place on tray & bake. Versatile, decide on the cookie size required, add your own inclusions such as nuts.

    Baker & Baker Double Chocolate Cookie Pucks (90x50g)

    Unbaked. Soft & chewy, American style cookie pucks. Chocolate dough with white chocolate pieces.

    Baker & Baker Double Chocolate Muffins (24x125g)

    95% baked, simply finish in the oven for approx. 10 minutes for a homemade feel or just thaw & serve. Supplied in attractive black crown cases.

    Baker & Baker Lemon & Poppy Seed Muffins (24x125g)

    95% baked, simply finish in the oven for approx. 10 minutes for a homemade feel or just thaw & serve. Supplied in attractive black crown cases.

    Baker & Baker Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie Pucks (90x50g)

    Unbaked. Soft & chewy, American style cookie pucks. Plain dough with milk chocolate chunks.

    Baker & Baker Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins (24x125g)

    95% baked, simply finish in the oven for approx. 10 minutes for a homemade feel or just thaw & serve. Supplied in attractive black crown cases.

    Baker & Baker Triple Chocolate Shortbread (60x70g)

    Unbaked. Triple chocolate shortbread squares.

    Baker & Baker White Chocolate Chip Cookie Pucks (90x50g)

    Unbaked. Soft & chewy, American style cookie pucks. Plain dough with white chocolate chip pieces.

    Bridor Butter Pain au Chocolat (20x70g)

    Baked. Frozen Butter Pain au Chocolat.

    Bridor Butter Pain aux Raisins (20x96g)

    Baked. Frozen Butter Pain aux Raisins.

    Bridor Classic Croissants (60x70g)

    Unbaked. Large French croissants made with all-butter, flaky pastry dough.

    Bridor Classic Croissants (70x60g)

    Unbaked. French croissants made with all-butter, flaky pastry dough.

    Bridor Classic Pain aux Raisins (60x110g)

    Unbaked. All-butter, swirl shaped pastries with pastry cream & raisins.

    Bridor Classic Torsade au Chocolat (70x90g)

    Chocolate Twists. Unbaked. Generous pastry twists filled with pastry cream & chocolate chips.

    Bridor Cocoa-Hazelnut Filled Croissants (44)

    Beautiful, golden and shiny croissants with a gourmet and melting cocoa-hazelnut filling. The filling is well distributed. Consistent layers and made using Bridor's wonderful pure butter recipe.These croissants are generously sized at 90g. Ready to bake.

    Bridor Lenôtre Mixed Small Macarons (96x12g)

    Unbaked. 6 flavours of macarons, approximately 12g each. Salted butter caramel, chocolate, lemon, raspberry, pistachio, vanilla.

    Bridor Mixed Breakfast Selection (3x45)

    Breakfast & Lunch Selection. Unbaked. A traditional assortment of fine butter, mini French pastries. Croissants (30g), pains au chocolat (32g), pains aux raisin (35g).

    Bridor Mixed Mini Gourmandises (4x35)

    Unbaked. A mix of mini French pastries. Cream pastry rolls (40g), cranberry twists (30g), chocolate twists (28g), cinnamon swirls (35g).

    Bridor Pain au Chocolat (70x75g)

    Unbaked. Fine butter pains au chocolat.

    Bridor Pastel De Nata (60)

    Frozen and ready to bake. Portugese style custard tarts. Made using fine butter. Each piece weighs approximately 60g.

    Bridor Vegan Croissant (60x70g)


    Bridor Vegan Pain au Chocolat (60x80g)


    Bridor Vegan Vanilla Danish Crowns (48x90g)

    Bridor's Vegan Vanilla Danish Crowns are made with sourdough. Each crown has a smooth vanilla custard filling and is topped with chopped hazelnuts for a crispy bite and nutty flavour. Unbaked and ready to bake in the oven for maximum freshness. Perfect with a cup of coffee or tea at any time of the day.

    CAKE Chocolate Orange Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Rich chocolate flavour sponge with indulgent orange flavour chocolate fudge icing topped with chocolate orange pieces.

    CAKE Coffee & Walnut Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Coffee flavour sponge cake with walnut and coffee flavour fudge icing.

    CAKE Extra Chocolate Fudge Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Rich Chocolate Flavour Sponge with Indulgent Chocolate Fudge Icing.

    CAKE Jammie Dodger Blondie (15ptn)

    Pre-cut. White blondie base topped with Jammie Dodger biscuits.

    CAKE Lemon & Blueberry Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Blueberry sponge with lemon curd and lemon frosting filling topped with white chocolate shavings and blueberry powder.

    CAKE Lemon Drizzle Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Lemon flavour sponge cake with lemon curd and lemon flavour frosting filling, topped with a lemon flavour drizzle and nibbed sugar.

    CAKE Millionaire's Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Chocolate and toffee flavour sponge cake filled with chocolate flavour icing and toffee, decorated with toffee drizzle and dark chocolate shavings.

    CAKE Red Velvet Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Rich red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream style icing topped with strawberry pieces.

    CAKE Ultimate Teaser Slice (15ptn)

    Pre-cut. Milk Chocolate Coated Rice Balls on a thick layer of luxury caramel and shortbread base.

    CAKE Victoria Sponge Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Rich sponge cake with a fruit jam and vanilla flavour filling.

    Chefs' Selections Blueberry & Lemon Triple Layer Cake (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. A baked sponge with blueberries, filled with blueberry sauce and lemon buttercream, covered in lemon buttercream and finished with white chocolate shavings and freeze dried blueberries.

    Chefs' Selections Blueberry Muffin Cake (14ptn)

    Two-layer blueberry cake filled with buttercream & blueberry compote. Topped with a light dusting of white sugar snow.

    Chefs' Selections Butter Croissants (60)

    Frozen and unbaked croissants, Buttery, flaky, French pastry. Each croissant is pre-glazed and ready to bake. Cooks in 18 minutes.

    Chefs' Selections Carrot Cake (14ptn)

    Rich dark cake baked with fresh carrot, walnuts, desiccated coconut and mixed spice. Filled and topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkled with chopped walnuts. Frozen and pre-portioned in to 14 portions.

    Chefs' Selections Chocolate Cake (14ptn)

    Round chocolate sponge cake, filled & topped with chocolate flavour frosting, decorated with chocolate shavings. Frozen and pre-portioned into 14 slices.

    Chefs' Selections Classic Red Velvet Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Three layers of red sponge, filled and masked with cream cheese flavour frosting. Decorated with a sprinkle of diced raspberry pieces.

    Chefs' Selections Coffee & Walnut Cake (16ptn)

    Coffee flavour sponge, filled and topped with coffee buttercream, decorated with walnut pieces. Frozen and pre-portioned in to 16 slices.

    Chefs' Selections Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Pucks (90)

    Frozen chocolate cookie dough with milk chocolate chunks.

    Chefs' Selections Golden Honeycomb Cheesecake (14ptn)

    Pre-portioned into 14 portions. Frozen digestive biscuit base, with a layer of honeycomb cheesecake topped with milk chocolate honeycomb pieces.

    Chefs' Selections Jewelled Fruit Cake (14ptn)

    Frozen fruit cake filled with Brandy-soaked fruit, with a topping of nuts, glacé cherries, dates, sweetened dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds. Finished with a glaze . Pre-portioned into 14. This product contains alcohol.

    Chefs' Selections Lemon Cake (16ptn)

    Lemon flavoured sponge cake filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream, topped with lemon butter cream. Frozen and pre-portioned 16 slices.

    Chefs' Selections Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookie Pucks (90)

    Frozen cookie dough with milk chocolate chunks.

    Chefs' Selections Mixed Ring Donuts (36)

    Frozen. Thaw & serve. A selection of 36 donut / doughnut rings: 12 donuts with pink sugar frosting and white sugar sprinkles; 12 donuts with chocolate flavour frosting and milk chocolate flakes; 12 donuts with white sugar frosting and multi-coloured sugar sprinkles.

    Chefs' Selections Pain au Chocolat (60)

    Frozen and unbaked Pain au Chocolat. Buttery, flaky, French pastry with dark chocolate in the centre. Pre-glazed and ready to bake. Cooks in 18 minutes.

    Chefs' Selections Passionfruit & White Chocolate Cake (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. A frozen sponge filled and topped with cream cheese buttercream and a passion fruit sauce and decorated with white chocolate shavings and passionfruit drizzle.

    Chefs' Selections Persian Style Lemon Cake (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. Two layers of lemon sponge with geranium flavoured buttercream, lemon curd & fresh lemon zest. Topped with lemon drizzle, hand piped rose swirls, edible rose petals, pistachios & lemon curd drops.

    Chefs' Selections Rainbow Cake (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. Seven brightly coloured layers of Victoria sponge, coated with buttercream & topped with a multi-coloured crumb decoration.

    Chefs' Selections Raspberry Ripple Cake (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. A delicately light sponge marbled with pink swirls and filled with buttercream & raspberry jam. Topped with buttercream, raspberry & white chocolate shards and pink coloured streaks.

    Chefs' Selections Retro Sprinkle Traycake (36)

    Individual Squares of Vanilla flavour Sponge with a smooth vanilla flavour buttercream topping finished with multicoloured sugar sprinkles. Pre-portioned into 36.

    Chefs' Selections Sultana Scones (50x61g)

    Frozen pre-cooked individual sultana scones. 5 packs of 10 scones.

    Chefs' Selections Triple Layer Chocolate Cake (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. A frozen triple layer of dark brown, light brown and plain sponge cake filled with chocolate buttercream, and finished with dark brown, light brown and white buttercream and topped with white and dark chocolate shavings.

    Chefs' Selections Vegan Jaffa Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Frozen Jaffa cake consisting of two layers of orange flavoured sponge and one layer of chocolate sponge layered with an orange flavoured gel, filled and covered with chocolate icing and finished with caramelised orange zest.

    Chefs' Selections Vegan Speculoos Traybake (36ptn)

    Pre-portioned into 36 per case. Frozen Vegan Sponge made with Caramelised Biscuit, topped with Caramelised Biscuit Frosting, finished with a sprinkling of Caramelised Biscuit Crumb.

    Chefs' Selections Victoria Sponge Cake (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. A premium Victoria sponge filled with raspberry jam & buttercream. Topped with piped swirls of buttercream, drizzles of raspberry jam & sweet sugar snow dusting.

    Chefs' Selections White Chocolate Chunk Cookie Pucks (90)

    Frozen chocolate cookie dough with white chocolate chunks.

    Classic Desserts Carrot Cake (16ptn)

    This cake is pre-portioned in a 16 pieces. A wonderfully moist carrot cake made with grated carrot, mixed spices and demerara sugar then filled and coated with an authentic cream cheese icing made from British cream cheese. Hand-finished with a liberal helping of chopped hazelnuts and a solitary white chocolate decorative carrot.

    Classic Desserts Chocolate Fudge Cake (16ptn)

    This classic consists of moist chocolate sponge, filled & coated with oodles of delectable rich and decadent chocolate Fudge Icing. Looks stunning, tastes fantastic. This cake is pre-portioned in a 16 pieces.

    Classic Desserts Coffee & Walnut Cake (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. Made with a rich, moist sponge with softened dates, demerara sugar and smothered in an authentic coffee flavoured buttercream before tastefully decorated with a ring of chopped walnuts.

    Classic Desserts Lemon Curd Cake (16ptn)

    A light, citrus lemon cake comprising of Victoria sponge, with a hand-piped ring of authentic lemon buttercream, made with real British butter and lemon Juice, flooded with a fresh & zesty lemon curd and topped with more delicious lemon buttercream. This cake is pre-portioned in a 16 pieces.

    Classic Desserts Millionaires Cake (14ptn)

    This cake is pre-portioned in a 14 pieces. A stunning layered sponge cake comprising of rich chocolate sponge and toffee sponge sandwiching a layer of chocolate fudge ice and gooey salted caramel. Coated in Chocolate fudge icing and decorated with side walls of gold lustred mini dark chocolate drops and topped with gold rolled honeycomb pieces and a light cocoa dusting.

    Classic Desserts Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Made to a traditional Lake District recipe, Classic Desserts Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake is packed full with softened dates, filled with an authentic toffee buttercream and lashings of caramel sauce. Topped with buttercream, salted caramel sauce, and beautifully finished with a sprinkling of gold-rolled date pieces.

    Classic Desserts Unicorn Fantasy Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Triple multi-coloured sponge layers, filled with raspberry jam & real buttercream. Coated in buttercream & decorated with edible confetti, pink marshmallows, multi-coloured sprinkles & hand-moulded unicorn horns.

    Delifrance All Butter Croissant (32x42g)

    Baked & individually wrapped.

    Delifrance Blueberry Vegan Croissant (48x100g)

    Unbaked. Spelt flour viennoiserie with an indulgent blueberry filling. Crunchy topping of sunflower, poppy, brown & yellow linseeds.

    Delifrance Cinnamon Buns (54x110g)

    Viennoiserie - Cinnamon filling - Ready to bake - Quick-frozen.

    Delifrance Vegan Croissant (56x80g)

    Frozen and ready to bake. Delicious golden Vegan croissants with thin and crispy layering, giving a fluffy melt-in-the-mouth texture. A tasty Vegan twist on the classic butter croissant. Made using a blend of margarine, shea and sunflower vegetable oil. Perfect for adding to your breakfast buffets, as an afternoon treat, part of afternoon tea menus or served with a refreshing hot drink or a great on the go treat.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Berry White Iced Ring Doughnut (24x71g)

    Oh so sweet strawberry glaze, royally filled with delicious strawberry jam! Why this fruity delight is dubbed the Berry White? It's also topped with heavenly soft marzipan nuggets and pink flavoured sugar pieces.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Coconutti Iced Ring Doughnut (12x74g)

    Belgian white chocolate glaze, ruffallo style filling, topped with dark choco stripes and coconut shavings.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Donut Spectaculous Iced Ring Doughnuts (24x58g)

    It's mmmmagic! Amaze with white glaze and crushed speculoos pieces. Why? Well, this well-balanced show star is just absolutely magnificent in wholesome taste.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Nutty Zafari Iced Ring Doughnut (24x60g)

    Oh boy, the hunt for exotic-looking wildlife is on! White glazing drizzled with dark choco stripes and crunchy nuts for a mesmerising treat that's sure to attract a lot of attention.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Queen V. Iced Ring Doughnut (24x71g)

    She's as sassy as she is sweet. This royal is ruler of all things vanilla thanks to her soft vanilla custard cream, a blanket of dark choco glaze and yellow stripes for extra fancy looks.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Strawjelly Iced Ring Doughnut (48x73g)

    Ring donut with strawberry filling and chocolate top.You adore real white chocolate? And love real strawberries? This chocolatey flavour bomb with strawberry pieces is right up your alley! Discover its super sweet strawberry filling yourself. Donut Worry be Happy make donuts (doughnuts) with a lightness of dough that make your taste buds sing.

    Donut Worry Be Happy The Belgiyummy Iced Ring Doughnut (24x71g)

    Huuuge donut. Teeny-tiny country! A luxuriously dark delight, proud of its white chocolate flakes, indulgent choco chunks and authentic Belgian chocolate glazing. It?s even filled with REAL BELGIAN CHOCOLATE! Anyone got a map?

    Frank Dale Mini Black Forest Cakes (48)

    Rich chocolate sponge cakes topped with cream and sour cherry compote and sprinkled with chocolate shavings.

    Frank Dale Mini Strawberry & Cream Scones (48x26g)

    Light scone bases topped with strawberry jam, a rosette of fresh double cream and finished with a slice of strawberry.

    Frank Dale Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes (48x18g)

    Victoria sponge cakes dusted with icing sugar and filled with raspberry jam and fresh double cream.

    Haywood & Padgett All Butter Cheese Scones (32x120g)

    Scones Made with Butter and Cheese, 120g

    Haywood & Padgett All Butter Plain Scones (40x120g)

    Scones made with Butter 120g

    Haywood & Padgett All Butter Sultana Scones (40x120g)

    Scones Made with Butter and Sultanas 120g

    Kara 5" Spiced Fruit Teacakes (6x8)

    Teacakes with currants, sultanas and raisins, with a blend of warm spices and brown sugar. Frozen.

    Kara Chocolate Filled Doughnuts (60)

    Rich & sweet doughnuts, dusted with sugar & injected with milk chocolate flavour filling.

    Kara Sugared Jam Doughnuts (60)

    Rich & sweet doughnuts, dusted with sugar & injected with an apple & raspberry jam filling.

    Kara Sugared Ring Doughnuts (60)

    Rich & sweet, ring shaped doughnuts, dusted with sugar.

    Kitchen Range Mini Sugared Donuts (4x50)

    Mini ring donuts with a sugar coating.

    Lotus Biscoff® Muffin (24x110g)

    Lotus Biscoff ® filling muffin - Quick-frozen ready to eat.

    Mademoiselle Desserts Cherry & Chocolate Cream Cake (14ptn)

    Three layers of chocolate sponge filled with whipped cream and cherry sauce, decorated with a chocolate fudge icing and finished with chocolate shavings; pre-cut, 14 portions.

    Mademoiselle Desserts Chocolate Fudge Fixation (4x14ptn)

    A large chocolate fudge cake with 3 layers of moist chocolate cake layered with chocolate fudge butter cream and caramel, decorated with chocolate fudge butter cream. Pre-cut into 14 portions. Made with free range eggs.

    Mademoiselle Desserts Sticky Toffee Cream Cake (14ptn)

    Three layers of toffee sponge filled with whipped cream and caramel sauce, decorated with swirls of whipped cream and caramel sauce and finished with caramel flavour chocolate curls; pre-cut, 14 portions.

    Montana Square Fruit Bread (18)

    Square shaped bread baked to golden brown with fruits embedded within the crumb. This is an individual pre-sliced fruit bread square roll (x18), not a loaf.

    More Food Battenberg Cake (16ptn)

    Multi layers of almond flavoured pink and yellow coloured moist sponges filled with apricot jam and covered with almond flavoured pink buttercream and hand finished with nibbed pistachios and freeze dried raspberries.

    More Foods Bakewell Cake (16ptn)

    Per-cut into 16 portions. An almond flavour sponge cake layered with raspberry filling and buttercream, covered with buttercream finished with raspberry jam feathering-effect and decorated with toasted almonds.

    More Foods Chocolate Cookies and Cream Cake (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. A Frozen chocolate sponge cake filled and topped with buttercream infused with chocolate biscuit crumb and finished with chocolate sandwich biscuits with vanilla flavour filling and dark chocolate flavoured drizzle.