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    Classic Desserts

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    Classic Desserts Bread & Butter Puddings (12x200g)

    Square puddings made to a traditional recipe with sultanas & spices.

    Classic Desserts Carrot Cake (16ptn)

    This cake is pre-portioned in a 16 pieces. A wonderfully moist carrot cake made with grated carrot, mixed spices and demerara sugar then filled and coated with an authentic cream cheese icing made from British cream cheese. Hand-finished with a liberal helping of chopped hazelnuts and a solitary white chocolate decorative carrot.

    Classic Desserts Chocolate Fudge Cake (16ptn)

    This classic consists of moist chocolate sponge, filled & coated with oodles of delectable rich and decadent chocolate Fudge Icing. Looks stunning, tastes fantastic. This cake is pre-portioned in a 16 pieces.

    Classic Desserts Coffee & Walnut Cake (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. Made with a rich, moist sponge with softened dates, demerara sugar and smothered in an authentic coffee flavoured buttercream before tastefully decorated with a ring of chopped walnuts.

    Classic Desserts Lemon Curd Cake (16ptn)

    A light, citrus lemon cake comprising of Victoria sponge, with a hand-piped ring of authentic lemon buttercream, made with real British butter and lemon Juice, flooded with a fresh & zesty lemon curd and topped with more delicious lemon buttercream. This cake is pre-portioned in a 16 pieces.

    Classic Desserts Millionaires Cake (14ptn)

    This cake is pre-portioned in a 14 pieces. A stunning layered sponge cake comprising of rich chocolate sponge and toffee sponge sandwiching a layer of chocolate fudge ice and gooey salted caramel. Coated in Chocolate fudge icing and decorated with side walls of gold lustred mini dark chocolate drops and topped with gold rolled honeycomb pieces and a light cocoa dusting.

    Classic Desserts Premium Sticky Toffee Sponge Puddings (12x220g)

    Individual, hand-cut, sticky toffee puddings with toffee sauce.

    Classic Desserts Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Made to a traditional Lake District recipe, Classic Desserts Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake is packed full with softened dates, filled with an authentic toffee buttercream and lashings of caramel sauce. Topped with buttercream, salted caramel sauce, and beautifully finished with a sprinkling of gold-rolled date pieces.

    Classic Desserts Unicorn Fantasy Cake (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Triple multi-coloured sponge layers, filled with raspberry jam & real buttercream. Coated in buttercream & decorated with edible confetti, pink marshmallows, multi-coloured sprinkles & hand-moulded unicorn horns.