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    Doughnuts and Cream Cakes

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    Chefs' Selections Mixed Ring Donuts (36)

    Frozen. Thaw & serve. A selection of 36 donut / doughnut rings: 12 donuts with pink sugar frosting and white sugar sprinkles; 12 donuts with chocolate flavour frosting and milk chocolate flakes; 12 donuts with white sugar frosting and multi-coloured sugar sprinkles.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Berry White Iced Ring Doughnut (24x71g)

    Oh so sweet strawberry glaze, royally filled with delicious strawberry jam! Why this fruity delight is dubbed the Berry White? It's also topped with heavenly soft marzipan nuggets and pink flavoured sugar pieces.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Coconutti Iced Ring Doughnut (12x74g)

    Belgian white chocolate glaze, ruffallo style filling, topped with dark choco stripes and coconut shavings.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Donut Spectaculous Iced Ring Doughnuts (24x58g)

    It's mmmmagic! Amaze with white glaze and crushed speculoos pieces. Why? Well, this well-balanced show star is just absolutely magnificent in wholesome taste.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Nutty Zafari Iced Ring Doughnut (24x60g)

    Oh boy, the hunt for exotic-looking wildlife is on! White glazing drizzled with dark choco stripes and crunchy nuts for a mesmerising treat that's sure to attract a lot of attention.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Queen V. Iced Ring Doughnut (24x71g)

    She's as sassy as she is sweet. This royal is ruler of all things vanilla thanks to her soft vanilla custard cream, a blanket of dark choco glaze and yellow stripes for extra fancy looks.

    Donut Worry Be Happy Strawjelly Iced Ring Doughnut (48x73g)

    Ring donut with strawberry filling and chocolate top.You adore real white chocolate? And love real strawberries? This chocolatey flavour bomb with strawberry pieces is right up your alley! Discover its super sweet strawberry filling yourself. Donut Worry be Happy make donuts (doughnuts) with a lightness of dough that make your taste buds sing.

    Donut Worry Be Happy The Belgiyummy Iced Ring Doughnut (24x71g)

    Huuuge donut. Teeny-tiny country! A luxuriously dark delight, proud of its white chocolate flakes, indulgent choco chunks and authentic Belgian chocolate glazing. It?s even filled with REAL BELGIAN CHOCOLATE! Anyone got a map?

    Kara Chocolate Filled Doughnuts (60)

    Rich & sweet doughnuts, dusted with sugar & injected with milk chocolate flavour filling.

    Kara Sugared Jam Doughnuts (60)

    Rich & sweet doughnuts, dusted with sugar & injected with an apple & raspberry jam filling.

    Kara Sugared Ring Doughnuts (60)

    Rich & sweet, ring shaped doughnuts, dusted with sugar.

    Kitchen Range Mini Sugared Donuts (4x50)

    Mini ring donuts with a sugar coating.

    Wrights Dairy Cream Chocolate Eclairs 5.5" (16)

    Light Choux Pastry, filled with piped dairy cream. Topped with a lined layer of chocolate fondant & decorated with chocolate lacing.

    Wrights Dairy Cream Finger Doughnuts (12)

    Soft finger doughnuts, rolled in sugar dusting, piped with dairy cream & a line of raspberry jam.