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    Dry Mixes and Flour

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    123 Doughnut Mix (12.5kg)

    A dry pre-mix for producing cake doughnut.

    Brown Bread & Roll Mix (4x3.5kg)

    A light textured, complete brown bread mix. Add water. Suitable for making rolls, loaves & pizza dough. Yeast included. 3.5kg makes 107 x 57g dough portions or 13 x 454g loaves.

    Chocolate Sponge Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Versatile rich chocolate sponge cake, made with real cocoa. Add water. Suitable for making tray bake, sponge cakes & loaf cakes. 3.5 kg Bag makes 92 x 57 g portions.

    Flapjack Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Rich oaty flapjack mix with a smooth golden syrup taste that makes moist, chewy & sweet flapjacks. Add water. 3.5 kg Bag makes 67 x 57 g portions.

    Fudge Brownie Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Rich fudge chocolate brownie mix, add water. Produces chewy fudge brownies, suitable for adding chocolate chips or nuts etc. 3.5 kg Bag makes 71 x 57 g dough portions.

    McDougalls Crumble Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Simply sprinkle over filling & bake.

    McDougalls Fish Batter Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Dry mix. Add water. Makes 172 x 57g portions.

    McDougalls Scone Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Dry mix. Add water. Makes 98 scones (6cm straight / 7cm fluted cutter).

    McDougalls Shortcrust Pastry Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Dry mix. Add water. Makes 74 x 57g portions.

    Molini Pizzuti Type 00 Flour (10x1kg)

    All purpose Italian wheat flour.

    Plain Muffin Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Fluffy plain muffin mix with a creamy vanilla flavour, add water & oil. Makes soft moist muffins or muffin loaf. 3.5 kg Bag makes 91 x 65g portions.

    Plain White Flour Gluten Free (5x1kg)

    Gluten Free Plain White Flour Blend. Freee by Doves Farm brand. A wheat free & naturally gluten free fine white flour with brown flecks

    Self Raising White Flour Gluten Free (5x1kg)

    Gluten Free Self Raising White Flour blend, Doves Farm brand A wheat free & naturally gluten free white flour with brown flecks

    Southern Fried Hot Double Breader (12.5kg)

    For super-hot, fiery red chicken wings and breasts.

    Sponge Mix (4x3.5kg)

    A sponge cake mix suitable for use as a tray bake sponge, or individual loaf tin, also suitable for adding fruit, chocolate chips etc. Just add water.

    Sponge Mix Gluten Free (5x350g)

    A gluten free sponge mix which makes one layer cake, 12 cupcakes or 24 fairy cakes. Simply add eggs and oil. Freee by Doves Farm brand.

    Strong Flour (16kg)

    Bakers Green Flour - 16kg Strong Flour

    Strong White Bread Flour (8x1.5kg)

    Allinson Strong White Bread Flour is a great all purpose flour and its high gluten content makes it particularly suitable for bread making.

    Tempura Batter Mix (10x1kg)

    Fine powder used to produce light, crispy batter on seafood and vegetables.

    White Bread Mix Gluten Free (4x500g)

    A Gluten free white bread mix which can make one loaf or 8 rolls. Simply add oil & water. Freee by Doves Farm brand.

    Wholemeal Plain Flour (10x1kg)

    Wholemeal plain flour produced from milling wheat.

    Yorkshire Pudding Batter Mix (4x3.5kg)

    A complete Yorkshire pudding mix, add water. Produces light & crispy Yorkshire puddings. 3.5 kg Bag makes 100 x 100ml portions of uncooked batter (100 x 4" puddings).