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    Authentic Italian Heritage

    The Fiorucci brand is the benchmark for Italian speciality meats and has been creating authentic recipes and modern flavours for over 160 years.

    Built on a strong family legacy, Fiorucci has been combining Italian taste, quality tradition and innovation of new products. Its Italian meats are still made using the family’s treasured recipes, and are still hand trimmed, seasoned with the finest spices, and carefully aged.


    • All our products are made with a careful selection of raw materials, combined with manufacturing processes that have been inherited from local traditions.
    • We are proud to be approved by the most demanding standards for quality, hygiene, and origin.
    • We have international safety and quality standards throughout the entire supply chain.
    • All manufacturing sites have a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certificate.

    Authentic/ Heritage/ Provenance

    • Fiorucci has a strong presence in Italy and has been on the tables of Italians since 1850.
    • A family run business which has grown steadily over 160 years.
    • Our products are made in Italy with intention, care, and knowledge.
    • Using the family’s treasured recipes, the Italian speciality meats are still hand trimmed, seasoned with the finest spices and carefully aged.


    • We are committed to caring for the environment and being socially responsible.
    • Our 2025 Sustainability Goals are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and include the four pillars:
      • Health & Nutrition
      • Environment
      • Wellbeing
      • Shared Value
    • Our values are responsibility, transparency, and reliability.
    • Through our actions, we want to contribute to positive and sustainable development of life, including welfare and health of animals, wellbeing and health of customers, sustainability of farmers and farm production and protection of our environment.


    • We have a dedicated technical team to ensure all products are made to the same consistent high quality whilst managing the technical data for all products.

    Products in the range include Sliced Parma Ham, Italian Antipasto Selection, Sliced Pepperoni and Salami Milano.

    Fiorucci is part of Sigma’s brand portfolio. Established in 1980, Sigma Alimentos is a global leading food company with significant presence in eight European countries and export their products to a further 60 countries worldwide.

    Sigma is passionate about quality and dedicated to bringing authentic products with European provenance to the UK market. A socially responsible business, Sigma is committed to caring for the environment and proud to be approved by the most demanding standards for quality, hygiene, and origin.

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    Fiorucci Italian Antipasto (8x120g)

    Italian Antipasti Selection is the ideal way to introduce Italian food and culture to your guests. This assortment of sliced prosciutto crudo, salami milano and coppa are all authentic Italian cured meats that will have your guests talking about them for weeks to come

    Fiorucci Sliced Parma Ham (4x320g)

    Sliced Parma Ham

    Fiorucci Sliced Pepperoni (4x500g)

    Sliced Pepperoni

    Fiorucci Sliced Prosciutto Crudo (6x500g)

    Sliced Prosciutto Crudo

    Fiorucci Sliced Salami Milano (6x250g)

    For those who enjoy milder, more aromatic salamis, this is the one for you. Made from pork shoulder, the salami has a rosy color and flecks of white fat. It has a firm texture that makes it easy to slice or crumble. Salami Milano offers an excellent balance of sweet and spicy flavors with a hint of garlic. Serve it on its own or with other antipasti -- it truly is one of Italy's finest treasures.