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    Italian Style Bread

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    Chefs' Selections Ciabatta (50x120g)

    Part-baked. Light & soft ciabatta with a rustic look & honeycombed texture. Made in France.

    Chefs' Selections Large Grill Marked Panini (30x135g)

    White, hinge sliced paninis with grill marks on the top. Made with extra virgin olive oil.

    Chefs' Selections White Paninis (60x110g)

    Baked. Made in France using quality ingredients to produce a panini soft & tasty to grill & eat.

    Delifrance Stonebaked Ciabattina Rustica (36x100g)

    36 extra virgin olive oil ciabattinas, stone-baked, partbaked, frozen. 1 top cut Floured. Ideal for sandwiches.

    Panesco Romana MultiGrain Flatbread Pre-Sliced (32)

    Schiacciata is a traditional Italian flat bread. A type of focaccia made from a mix of wholewheat, rye flour, spelt, extra virgin olive oil, millet, linseeds and sunflower seeds. Baked on stone, the bread has an open crumb structure. Ideal as sandwich carrier. Frozen and pre-sliced. Each piece is approximately 100g.

    Planete Pain Bar Marked Ciabatta (40x120g)

    Baked. Authentic ciabatta with an open texture. Made with fermented dough.

    Planete Pain Ciabatta (40x120g)

    Part baked. Italian style bread - ciabatta

    Planete Pain Focaccina with Rosemary (40x120g)

    Baked. Rectangular shaped with rosemary.

    Planete Pain Oval Ciabatta Rolls (40x100g)

    Soft ciabatta rolls. Ideal for sandwiches or paninis.

    Planete Pain Paninis (60x110g)

    Made with extra virgin olive oil, soft texture & good flavour. Best grilled in a panini machine but can also be heated in an oven. Approx. 27cm in length.

    Planete Pain Sandwich Rustique Ciabatta (40x120g)

    Part-baked. A light & soft ciabatta with a rustic look. Honeycomb texture & a light, crispy crust. Approx. length 16cm.

    Schiacciata Romana White Flatbread Pre-Sliced (32)

    Schiacciata is a traditional Italian flat bread. A type of focaccia with an open crumb structure, made from wheat flour and extra virgin olive oil. Baked on stone. Ideal as a sandwich carrier. Frozen and pre-sliced. Each piece is approximately 100g.

    Schulstad White Paninis (30x135g)

    Approximate length 27cm. Part-baked.

    Speciality Breads Ciabatta (20x220g)

    Fully baked. Long Ciabatta bread. Use for a variety of purposes, toasted as a panini, as a sandwich carrier, as a bruschetta base, or simply buttered.

    Speciality Breads Ciapanini Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Versatile, hand-pulled, ciabatta-style panini rolls. Serve cold or warm in a traditional panini press.

    Speciality Breads Individual Ciabatta Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Made with extra-virgin olive oil & British flour. Hand finished appearance & traditional open texture. Oblong shape.

    Speciality Breads Malted Ciapanini Rolls (40x100g)

    Fully baked Malted Ciapanini rolls. A malted version of the popular cross between a ciabatta and a panini roll. Lovely malted flavour that works well with a large variety of fillings.

    Speciality Breads Round Ciabatta Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Round shaped Ciabatta rolls with a rustic appearance. Ideal as a carrier for gourmet burgers. Made with British flour.

    Speciality Breads Sundried Tomato & Basil Focaccia (40x100g)

    Baked. Mediterranean style rolls, hand dipped in basil infused extra virgin oil. Fragrant aroma & crispy crust. Made with British flour.