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    Lion Blue Cheese Dressing (2x2.27L)

    Made using chunks of Danish Blue Cheese, the Lion Blue Cheese Dressing has a mild blue cheese flavour with hints of onion & garlic.

    Lion Chipotle Mayonnaise (6x1L)

    Smoky & aromatic with a chilli kick. Blend of smoked red jalapeno chilli & mayonnaise. Perfect with nachos, fries, wings, tacos, fajitas, burgers & wraps.

    Lion Dijon Mustard (2x2.27L)

    Authentic Dijon mustard. Made using brown mustard seeds from Dijon, vinegar & sea salt.

    Lion French Mustard (2x2.27L)

    Mild and aromatic French style mustard with notes of garlic and oregano.

    Lion Garlic Mayonnaise (2x2.27L)

    Thick, creamy & full of flavour.

    Lion Korean BBQ Sauce (6x1L)

    Appearance /Texture: Thick and flowing, dark red/orange in colour, glossy sauce with visible flecks of chilli pepper, seeds and spices visible. Taste: Sweet garlic flavour with distinct vinegar, onion, spice and smoke notes. Aroma: Sweet, vinegary with onion and spice notes.

    Lion Lemon & Herb Piri Piri Hot Sauce (2x2.27L)

    Lemon and Herb Piri Piri Hot Sauce. Herby and spicy, with a fresh citrus flavour, perfect for a variety of dishes. Marinate chicken, glaze seafood, add to stews for extra flavour, or simply serve as a dip.

    Lion Maple & Bourbon BBQ Sauce (6x1L)

    A heady mix of all things Tennessee; sweet maple, rich bourbon & BBQ smoke. Perfect with pork & beef. Usage: Dip, top, glaze, marinade, use as a recipe ingredient.

    Lion Piri Piri Hot Sauce (2x2.27L)

    Made using red birds eye chillies, cayenne pepper, herbs & spices. Use as a condiment or a marinade.

    Lion Ranch Dressing (2x2.27L)

    Lion Ranch Dressing.

    Lion Raspberry Decorating Coulis (12x490g)

    Raspberry coulis in a handy squeezy bottle with nozzle for easy decorating. Vibrant red colour, raspberry flavour, good viscosity. Versatile, use to decorate plates and desserts or as an ingredient in cocktails, smoothies or yogurts. Different flavours of the coulis can be layered for attractive results. Approximately 70% fruit content.

    Lion Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce (2x2.27L)

    Appearance: A bright red/orange viscous sauce with visible flecks of garlic and crushed chilli. Taste: Distinctive sweet taste with garlic flavour and chilli heat background. Aroma: Strong acidic and sweet aroma with garlic notes.