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    123 Doughnut Mix (12.5kg)

    A dry pre-mix for producing cake doughnut.

    Fudge Brownie Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Rich fudge chocolate brownie mix, add water. Produces chewy fudge brownies, suitable for adding chocolate chips or nuts etc. 3.5 kg Bag makes 71 x 57 g dough portions.

    Plain Muffin Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Fluffy plain muffin mix with a creamy vanilla flavour, add water & oil. Makes soft moist muffins or muffin loaf. 3.5 kg Bag makes 91 x 65g portions.

    Waffle Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Dry mix for producing golden-brown, crunchy, flavoursome waffles with a slightly sweet vanilla taste. 3.5kg dry mix makes 75 x 100ml uncooked waffle portions or 61 x 100ml Belgian style waffle portions. Mix in a ratio of 1kg dry mix to 1 litre of tepid water and 150ml of cooking oil.For Belgian style waffles mix 1kg of dry mix add 2 Eggs, 150g Butter, 500ml tepid Milk, 500ml tepid Water.

    Yorkshire Pudding Batter Mix (4x3.5kg)

    A complete Yorkshire pudding mix, add water. Produces light & crispy Yorkshire puddings. 3.5 kg Bag makes 100 x 100ml portions of uncooked batter (100 x 4" puddings).