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    Planète Pain

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    Planete Pain Bar Marked Ciabatta (40x120g)

    Baked. Authentic ciabatta with an open texture. Made with fermented dough.

    Planete Pain Bar Marked Paninis (50x110g)

    Baked Italian style bread Bar Marked - panini.

    Planete Pain Black Burger Rolls with Sesame Seeds (56x90g)

    Baked. Naturally black rolls made with Charcoal. Ideal as a unique burger bun.

    Planete Pain Bretzel Burger Rolls (35x65g)

    Baked. Pre-sliced. Super soft with a golden brown, glazed appearance & sprinkled with sesame seeds. Ideal as a gourmet burger bun or deli sandwich.

    Planete Pain Brioche Rolls (64x85g)

    Baked. Soft rolls made with a hint of sugar & milk.

    Planete Pain Ciabatta (40x120g)

    Part baked. Italian style bread - ciabatta

    Planete Pain Demi Baguettes (50x140g)

    Part baked. French style bread - sandwich and demi-baguettes - white.

    Planete Pain Focaccina with Rosemary (40x120g)

    Baked. Rectangular shaped with rosemary.

    Planete Pain French Bakers Basket (5x30)

    Part-baked. White bouchon 35g, multigrain bouchon 35g, multigrain ciabatta 50g, herb ciabatta 50g, wholemeal petit pain with seeds 50g.

    Planete Pain Hinged Petit Pain (50x110g)

    Fully baked, white, side hinge sliced baguette. Also known as a hinged Picolo. Approximately 19cm long and 110g each. Made using the finest quality French flour. The dough is fermented for extra flavour, with a light crisp crust. Perfect for hot dogs, sausage baguettes, sandwich baguettes. Quick and easy to fill as already pre-sliced and hinged.

    Planete Pain Miche Campagne Rye Round Loaves (10x500g)

    Part baked. Hand-finished loaves with a rustic, home-made appearance. Deep colour & rich flavour with a crisp crust.

    Planete Pain Multi Seeded Demi Baguettes (50x140g)

    Part-baked. Half baguettes with seeds & 3 cuts on the surface. Approx. 27cm in length.

    Planete Pain Multigrain Triangle Rolls (60x110g)

    Part baked. Triangular shape rolls with a selection of mixed seeds.

    Planete Pain Oval Ciabatta Rolls (40x100g)

    Soft ciabatta rolls. Ideal for sandwiches or paninis.

    Planete Pain Oval Paninis (50x130g)

    Oval shaped. Approx. length 19cm.

    Planete Pain Paninis (60x110g)

    Made with extra virgin olive oil, soft texture & good flavour. Best grilled in a panini machine but can also be heated in an oven. Approx. 27cm in length.

    Planete Pain Sandwich Baguettes (70x90g)

    Part-baked. Sandwich baguettes with one cut on the surface. Approx. 19cm in length.

    Planete Pain Sandwich Rustique Ciabatta (40x120g)

    Part-baked. A light & soft ciabatta with a rustic look. Honeycomb texture & a light, crispy crust. Approx. length 16cm.

    Planete Pain Sesame Oval Paninis (50x130g)

    Oval shaped. Approx. length 19cm.

    Planete Pain Sourdough Baguettes (40x140g)

    Part-baked, hand-crafted sourdough baguette. Recipe has been perfected after many years of tradition making genuine sourdough. The sourdough is mixed with rye flour and fermented for longer. The finished product is a golden brown rustic baguette with an open structure crumb and light crust, baked in a stone bake oven.

    Planete Pain Sourdough Rolls (50x110g)

    Part-baked. Round shaped. Made with genuine fermented dough to give an authentic flavour. Light in texture with a thin & crispy crust.

    Planete Pain White Super Sandwich Baguettes (50x140g)

    Part-baked. Creamy white texture, easy to slice & fill, chunky appearance.

    Planete Pain White Tartuga Rolls (60x80g)

    Baked. Soft round rolls with cuts on the surface that provide a 'turtle shell' appearance.