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    Salad Cream and Tartare

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    Chefs' Selections Salad Cream (2x2.27L)

    A classic salad cream, with a tangy, peppery, punchy flavour and a creamy but pourable consistency.

    Chefs' Selections Tartare Sauce (2x2.27L)

    With a creamy base, gherkin pieces, capers and mustard, Chefs' Selections Tartare Sauce is the perfect accompaniment for Fish and Chips.

    Colman's Tartare Sauce (2x2.25L)

    Use as an accompaniment or as a cooking ingredient. Gherkins & capers bring the distinctive tartare sauce flavour to Colman's Tartare Sauce. Enhance your fish, fried shrimp or fish & chips meal. No added MSG, no added artificial colours & no artificial flavourings.

    Heinz Salad Cream (12x285g)

    Glass bottles.

    Lion Salad Cream (2x2.27L)

    Appearance /Texture A pale yellow in colour, smooth and free flowing, pourable Salad Cream. Taste: Sharp and sweet with a mustard flavour and acidic notes. Aroma: Sharp acidic and sweet with a mustard back notes.

    Stokes Tartare Sauce Sachets (80x32ml)

    Generous Tartare Sauce sachets. A smooth & creamy sauce, jam-packed with coarsely-chopped gherkins & capers. Made in Suffolk by Stokes at their Saucery, using the best ingredients & traditional methods.