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    Salad and Herbs

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    Europa Washed Salad (5x500g)

    Washed salad leaves. A mix of Lollo Rosso, Endive, Apollo, Red Chard.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Basil (100g)

    Bunched Basil is best used when added to sauces, pasta salads and meats, such as grilled fish or roasted chicken or add a pinch of chopped Basil herbs to a Bloody Mary or garnish a traditional cocktail with this aromatic herb. In addition, due to this herb being fairly delicate, use it to make a paste or to simply decorate a plate before serving up the main course. Compliment the citrus flavours by pairing with tomatoes, garlic, onion, pear, mint and strawberry. Basil is an aromatic herb used whole, chopped, or crushed in a wide variety of savoury and sweet dishes. The edible leaves are most commonly used raw and are lightly torn, tossed into grain salads and noodle dishes.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Chives (100g)

    Chives Bunched Herb can be used as both a garnish and as an aromatic herb. Typically, Bunched Chives are added at the end of the cooking process because they lose flavour when heated. They pair well with other aromatic bunched herbs, such as parsley, tarragon, and chervil. Add them chopped to potato dishes, quiches, scrambled eggs, or a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Give butter a hint of flavour by adding Chives and use it on baked potatoes, steaks or use it as a rub for chicken. This herb pairs best with savoury dishes. Did you know that this herb is found in cuisines across the world including French and Swedish. This versatile herb can be paired with many culinary creations.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Coriander (100g)

    Bunched Coriander has an intensely herbal and citrusy flavouring, which is best suited for cooked dishes. The edible leaves are commonly tossed into green and grain salads, salsa and chutneys. In addition, use the flavour of Coriander to enhance a variety of main dishes, such as tacos. Cilantro has a very versatile flavour that compliments many different ingredients and is used throughout many cuisines. For example, the Caribbean, Asia and South America. The leaves can also be chopped or mixed with oil and frozen for a longer shelf life. The flavour also compliments a wide variety of meats such as poultry, beef, pork and turkey. As well as seafood including fish, shrimp and scallops.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Coriander Herb Oil (100ml)

    Coriander has an intensely herbal and citrusy flavouring, which is commonly used in green and grain salads, salsa and chutneys. Furthermore, use the Coriander herb oil to enhance a variety of main dishes, such as salads and tacos. Cilantro has a very versatile flavour that compliments many different ingredients and is used throughout many cuisines. Pair this herb oil with dishes that include other herbs such as garlic and ginger. The flavour also compliments a wide variety of meats such as poultry, beef, pork and turkey. As well as seafood including fish, shrimp and scallops. This herb oil will work well drizzled over dishes, used as a dressing for poultry such as chicken and whisked into butters or vinaigrettes

    Nurtured in Norfolk Coriander Micro-leaves (25g)

    Coriander micro cress is one of our most versatile cresses. It can be used as a garnish and flavouring. Also known as Cilantro, this microgreen can be used in both hot and cold savoury preparations. This micro herb is popular on breakfast dishes such as avocado and eggs. It can also be sprinkled atop ?bolder? dishes. For example, a few shoots can be placed atop Asian curries, fish dishes and canapés. Most commonly, Micro Coriander is used within Mexican and Thai cuisines, as well as Chinese and Indian cuisine. Micro Cilantro pairs well with ingredients such as coconut milk, chilli, citrus, ginger and tomato.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Curly Parsley (250g)

    Add freshly chopped Curly Leaf Parsley to potato salads, coleslaws and green salads. This bunched herb adds a fresh flavour to tomato sauces and salad dressings. Furthermore, it is best used as herbed marinades for meats, such as fish or chicken. Also, Curly Parsley will lighten the intensity of any garlic dish, or the overpowering aromas of fish in a dish. Did you know that chewing this herb after a meal can help freshen breath and is a great palette cleanser in between courses. Although, primarily this herb is a decorative garnish on dishes such as soups, roasts and cheese or charcuterie platters. It makes for a pleasant visual effect on a range of savoury culinary preparations.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Cut Pea Shoot Salad (100g)

    Salad pea shoots have a delicate and crisp texture that is best served fresh, lightly steamed or sautéed. For the best nutritional value, Salad pea shoots also make a great garnish and make a nice addition to a blended superfood smoothie. Micro pea shoots are best known to be used as a raw edible garnish over main dishes, canapés and other bright baby vegetables. Salad micro peas pair well with aromatics, including ginger, garlic, citrus and vinegar. As well as meats, such as pork, poultry and fish. In addition, Gardening knows how suggests to try them with a delicious combination of strawberries and balsamic for the freshest of spring salads.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Dill (100g)

    Dill is a versatile herb, used in fresh and cooked preparations, or as a garnish. Use in cream or wine-based sauces and pair with foods such as yogurt, cucumbers, lentils, tomatoes, dried fruit, seafood, poultry and noodles. Furthermore, Dill is a key ingredient in homemade dressings, such as ranch. This herb has a strong, distinct flavour that can overwhelm other flavours. So we suggest to use it sparingly. Due to its unique and strong taste, a little goes along way with this bunched herb. Moreover, even a small spring of this herb will add a noticeable aroma to your dish and makes for a fantastic garnish. Beware that Dill will lose its flavour the longer it?s cooked, so it?s best to add it at the last minute.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Flat Leaf Parsley (200g)

    Flat Bunched Parsley (Petroselinum hortense) also known as Italian Parsley can be added to stocks and sauces. We suggest to use just the stems in a lightly coloured sauce to keep the leaves from colouring the dish. In addition, chop the flat-leafed herb and add to tabbouleh or mix with rice and dill for stuffed grape leaves. Furthermore, use this herb in marinades, dressings, coleslaw?s and potato dishes. Before the herb is used in culinary preparations, the Parsley is stripped from its stem and only the leaves are used. This aromatic herb, combines very well with other herbs without clashing. Flat parsley is know for being an ingredient in many dishes unlike curly parsley which is known for being a garnish.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Green Basil Micro-leaves (25g)

    Green Basil micro cress is used to add flavour, texture and colour to a range of dishes and canapés. It?s most commonly used as a flavourful and attractive edible garnish. Just like the mature Basil herb, this micro cress works well with classic pairings. For example, pair with tomato and mozzarella. For sweet dishes this microgreen works well with strawberries. Like most microgreens, green basil is intended for raw preparations. This is because it will wilt if exposed to prolonged heat. Micro Green Basil cress works well on classic flavours and dishes such as pizza and pasta, but can also be used to garnish sweet dishes. The delicate leaves can be incorporated into summer fruit salads as well as chocolate and lemon verbena desserts.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Micro Leaf Celery (25g)

    Best suited for savoury dishes, Celery micro cress is intended to be used raw as a garnish. Like lots of our other micro herbs, this is because it will wilt if exposed to high heats. This micro cress can be used alone as a garnish, or it can be mixed with other microgreens to make a flavourful micro salad garnish. You can also garnish sandwiches, stir fries and soups with this microgreen to give a peppery bite. Not only can it be used to garnishes dishes, Micro Celery cress can also be used to dress drinks such as a Bloody Mary. This flavourful micro cress pairs well with fish including tuna and crab, as well as herbs such as Chervil and Parsley.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Micro Lemon Balm (20g)

    Lemon Balm micro cress is related to the mint family. It?s a microgreen that can be used on both sweet and savoury dishes. It? the perfect raw garnish for when a mild punch of lemon flavour is desired. For sweet preparations, Micro Lemon Balm can be used to dress desserts, strawberry sorbets, ice creams, Panna Cottas, fruit salads and cocktails. Furthermore, this micro herb pairs well with honey, white chocolate and citrus flavours. For savoury preparations, this micro cress can be used to decorate canapés and seafood dishes. In addition to this, Micro Lemon Balm cress is considered suitable for Asian cuisine when in combination with lamb. Alternatively use this microgreen in sparkling water, for a simple lemony touch.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Micro Red Amaranth Cress (25g)

    Red Amaranth micro cress is best used for raw preparations, the delicate micro cress can?t withstand high heat and will wilt in high temperatures. Micro Red Amaranth should be used as a garnish. Amaranth micro cress is well suited for both sweet and savoury dishes. It will add vibrant purple and red colours to a range of culinary creations. Amaranth cress can be used in larger quantities, or just a few stems to enhance the flavour on a plate. Try adding flavoursome garnishes to salmon, pastas, sandwiches and canapés. It can be mixed with other micro herbs and shoots to create earthy, fresh and flavourful salads. In addition, it can be used to garnish a range of desserts including chocolate cakes and yoghurts.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Mint (100g)

    This bunched herb is used fresh and dried for both sweet and savoury dishes. Infuse syrups or blend into cocktails, yogurt, whipped creams and sorbet. As you?ll have seen before in your mojitos, you can make unique cocktails by adding mint to ice cubes. Use as an aromatic garnish on food and beverages. Its flavour pairs well with citrus, berries, seafood, lamb, melons, peas, beans, summer squash, chocolate and aged cheeses. Most commonly paired with lamb in the form of mint sauce. It also goes with peas, zucchini, fresh beans, marinades for summer vegetables, cold soups, fruit salads, and cheese. Mint is also known for its use in middle eastern salads.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Mizuna Micro-leaves (30g)

    Mizuna micro cress is also know as Water Greens and is best used as a raw garnish for savoury dishes. If using on a hot dish, it is best to use Micro Mizuna as a garnish right at the end, to ensure the micro cress doesn?t wilt. Alternatively, Mizuna micro cress can be used in salads. It?s popular to mix Micro Water Greens with other sharp salad leaves. Or, try sprinkling over soups, stews, cheese platters, roasted meats, pasta or risotto. Furthermore, as a Japanese Mustard Cress, this micro green is very popular in Asian cuisine. The greens can be used to garnish sushi, steamed rice and Asian vegetable side dishes. Known for its peppery taste, this snappy micro herb also works well when sprinkled on canapés.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Nasturtium Herb Oil (100ml)

    Nasturtium herb oil works well in a variety of savoury and sweet culinary preparations. Use as a garnish in salads and drizzle over the top. Nasturtium leaves have a peppery flavour which creates an oil best suited for savoury dishes. Add to stir-fries, quesadillas or puree to make a delicious pesto. In addition, you could use this herb oil to make a spicy vinaigrette. In a decorative sense use Nasturtium herb oil as plate decoration or as a garnish for homemade quiche, it will give that unique spin on your buffet spread.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Parsley Micro-leaves (25g)

    Parsley micro cress can be used as a flavourful raw garnish and can be used whole or chopped. For example, both the stems and leaves can be chopped and added to soups and stews at the end of the cooking process, to impart a fresh green flavour and prevent wilting. Alternatively, Parsley cress can be sprinkled whole atop pasta dishes with tomato, cheese or cream-based sauces. The fresh flavour of citrus and clove enhances tomato sauces and salad dressings, as well as marinades. This micro herb will also lighten the intensity of garlic or the overpowering aromas of fish in a dish. Lastly, Micro Parsley cress pairs well with ingredients including basil, oregano, tarragon, lemon, beef, chicken, parmesan and lamb.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Rosemary (100g)

    Bunched Rosemary has a wide variety of culinary uses. It is a potent herb, and should be used sparingly. However in culinary applications, it does pair well with other herbs such as oregano or garlic. The most common use for this herb is seasoning meats such as pork, lamb, turkey and chicken. However, with it being a versatile herb, it can also be chopped and sprinkled into biscuits and other sweet bakes. Traditionally this bunched herb is used on Focaccia breads, an Italian flatbread baked in an thick oil coating. Alternatively use this herb to make Rosemary salt which can be used on a number of dishes for a unique seasoning. Furthermore, if you have a sweet tooth try making rosemary flavoured honey, jam or sugar.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Sage (100g)

    This bunched herb is known as culinary, kitchen, garden or true Sage. This isn?t a bunched herb to taste raw due to its cottony texture. Furthermore, it is best served cooked in a variety of savoury dishes. It works well when combined with other herbs and complements a variety of different foods. The strong aromatic flavours of Salvia Officinalis means it pairs well with meats, such as pork, sausage, and lamb as well as poultry or soft cheeses. Sage can be added to stocks or soups to enhance their flavour. You may know this herb best for its use in traditional stuffing flavouring for a Sunday roast dinner. Alternatively you can find Sage being used in traditional Chinese herbal teas.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Tarragon (100g)

    Bunched Tarragon pairs well with egg dishes, poultry, and sauces like béarnaise. Tarragon can also be used to flavour vinegars and soft drinks. In addition, try steeping the herb in hot liquid as this will draw out the anise flavour. Often used in the French Béarnaise sauce. This bunched herb is incorporated into salad dressings and sauces as well as chicken and potato salads. Tarragon leaves can be snipped and tossed into green and grain salads or used as a garnish. The soft leaf is usually best added at the last minute, so it remains fresh, otherwise the herb will just wilt under latent heat. Tarragon stems can handle higher temperatures, so you could add to casseroles or when steaming, without wasting the aromatic herb.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Tendril Pea Shoots (4)

    Micro Tendril pea shoots are best used raw. They are also great when cooked similarly to other leafy greens and require a gentle cooking. The young and succulent leaves are the most tender part of the pea shoot, offering a soft green colour. Furthermore, the attractive curling vines of the micro pea plant are much more tough, with an intense savoury tang. Their fresh grassy flavours compliment many flavours such as, carrots, bacon, fish, creamy sauces, basil and mint. Our Pea shoots have a light, refreshing flavour and are complimented perfectly with a simple squeeze of lemon atop a bed of freshly cut shoots. In addition, try them with a delicious combination of strawberries and balsamic for the freshest of spring salads.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Thyme (100g)

    This herb is used to season stocks, stews and soups. It can also be used as a stand-alone herb or in savoury combinations. Use this herb in marinades for chicken and fish, or add chopped thyme, salt and pepper, to quartered new potatoes for a citrusy take on roasted potatoes. Thyme pairs well with seafood, red meat and poultry, we recommend salmon as the seafood of choice to pair with this herb. As a herb it releases its flavours slowly so it is favoured in slow and long cooking application. Which is why we recommend cooking it with roast potatoes where the stand alone herb can shine. Infuse syrups, vinegars and ice creams with this herb, straining the liquid to remove the stems and leaves before using.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Viola Mix - Edible Flowers (25x4g)

    Viola edible flowers are vibrant in colour and are best showcased when added to all kinds of culinary preparations. Violas are one of our best sellers, many chefs and bakers use edible flowers to decorate both sweet and savoury dishes. In addition, the petals can be gently pulled from the stem and sprinkled over salads, desserts and main dishes for added beauty to the culinary creations. Viola flowers can be cooked down with sugar to make syrups, jams and jellies. They are also a popular garnish to float atop of cocktails, hot tea and iced drinks. Viola?s have always been a popular trend to decorate cakes, cookies, brownies and more. With our collection of different colours you won?t fail to find a viola that matches your special occasion.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Watercress Micro-leaves (100g)

    Micro Watercress is dainty in size and therefore the perfect garnish for a variety of canapés and appetisers. Micro Watercress is a lot smaller than Baby Watercress. That being said, one or two shoots can be placed perfectly on small foods and dishes. They can also be used as a raw garnish to float on creamy soups, steaks and meat dishes, as well as sandwiches and cheeseboards. A handful of these microgreen shoots can be tossed together with other micro herbs like Micro Red Vein Sorrel and Micro Rocket, to make a flavourful micro cress side salad. Micro Watercress compliments ingredients such as eggs and avocado. As well as tomatoes, garlic, cheese, balsamic vinegar, ham and beetroot.

    Pilgrim Fresh Produce Mixed Baby Leaves (2x500g)

    Contains a mixture of Mizuna, Rocket, Bulls Blood, Red Chard, Red Pakchoi and Red Mizuna depending on product availability.