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Angel Sparkle Cake (14p/ptn)

Three layer cake with two pink layers & one yellow layer, sandwiched with strawberry jam & sweet buttercream. Topped with buttercream & a sprinkling of colourful crunchy spheres.

Bakewell Tart Slice (18p/ptn)

Sweet shortcrust pastry base with strawberry jam & almond flavour sponge. Topped with a layer of white icing & chocolate flavour glaze.

Banoffee Pie (12p/ptn)

Round digestive biscuit case filled with toffee fudge, banana, layer of cream topping & finished with chocolate crumb.

Big Bramley Apple Pie (14p/ptn)

Sweet shortcrust pastry case filled with sliced Bramley apples with a lightly glazed flat top, sprinkled with sweet dusting.

Blackberry & Apple Crumbles (GF) (12x175g)

Bramley apples & blackberries topped with crunchy gluten free demerara crumble.

Chocolate Chip Traycake (15p/ptn)

Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate pieces, topped with chocolate flavour coating. Decorated with a sprinkling of milk chocolate & white chocolate flavour pieces.

Chocolate Delight Sundae (12x230ml)

Chocolate & vanilla dairy ice cream between layers of rich dark chocolate sauce & strawberry melba sauce.

Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy (12p/ptn)

Layers of moist chocolate sponge, rich chocolate flavoured mousse & lumpy bumpy cheesecake enrobed with chocolate flavoured ganache & sprinkled with nuts, chocolate chunks & drizzled with chocolate fudge.

Courgette & Avocado Cake (GF) (12p/ptn)

A round gluten free courgette and avocado flavour cake, filled and topped with sweet avocado flavour frosting and decorated with a sprinkling of pistachio nuts and cornflower petals.

Gluten Free Carrot Cake (14p/ptn)

Gluten free carrot cake. Filled & topped with sweet frosting & hazelnut pieces.

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies (12p/ptn)

Rich chocolate brownie sponge base with dark & milk chocolate pieces.

Gluten Free New York Cheesecake (12p/ptn)

Plain, gluten free biscuit base, topped with luxury baked cheesecake.

Gluten Free Super Flapjack (12p/ptn)

Oaty Vegan flapjack, full of fruity pieces & finished with sweet chocolate & floral cornflower petals.

Gluten Free Syrup Sponge Puddings (12x150g)

Lashings of golden syrup cascading over a melt in the mouth light & fluffy traditional syrup sponge pudding.

Gluten-Free Alabama Fudge Cake (14p/ptn)

Two layers of moist, gluten-free chocolate cake. Filled, topped & side coated in a rich chocolate fudge.

Lemon & Blackcurrant Slices (18p/ptn)

Soft zesty sponge made with lemon oil, laced with juicy blackcurrants. Gently soaked in lemon juice & topped with lemon curd, crunchy cinnamon crumble & muscovado sugar.

Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake (19p/ptn)

A moist lemon sponge loaf cake with lemon zest pieces & drizzled with lemon juice. Finished with caramelised lemon shreds.

Lemon Meringue Pie (12p/ptn)

Sweet pastry case with a lemon filling, topped with peaks of piped meringue.

Sticky Orange & Chocolate Cake (14p/ptn)

Squidgy orange curd sponge, filled with pockets of zesty orange curd. Smothered in dark chocolate ganache, zig-zagged with orange icing & Belgian chocolate sauce.

Sticky Toffee & Date Sponge Pudding (12x160g)

Gluten free sponge puddings studded with dates & sticky toffee flavour sauce topping.

Tart au Citron (12p/ptn)

Buttery pastry base with a layer of lemon filling, finished with a sprinkling of sweet dusting.

Toffee Banoffi Pie (14p/ptn)

Digestive biscuit base with toffee fudge, banana pieces & a layer of cream topping. Finished with a sprinkling of sugared digestive biscuit crumb & a caramel feathering.

Toffee Traycake (15p/ptn)

Toffee flavour sponge cake with fudge cubes, topped with caramel fudge & caramel flavour chocolate pieces. Finished with a feathering of vanilla fudge flavour glaze & icing.

Vegan Crazy Carrot Traycake (18p/ptn)

A vegan carrot cake, topped with a sweet pistachio & avocado flavour frosting. Decorated with a swirl of caramel sauce & a sprinkling of pistachio pieces.

Vegan Devil's Food Cake (14p/ptn)

Vegan. Layers of chocolate sponge, filled & covered with a rich chocolate fudge icing.