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    Speciality Rolls and Carriers

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    Sourdough Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Rustic rolls with a crunchy, crisp crust & soft interior. Mildly sour flavour & light, airy texture.

    Brioche Rolls (64x85g)

    Baked. Soft rolls made with a hint of sugar & milk.

    Sourdough Rolls (50x110g)

    Part-baked. Round shaped. Made with genuine fermented dough to give an authentic flavour. Light in texture with a thin & crispy crust.

    Black Rolls with Sesame Seeds (56x90g)

    Baked. Naturally black rolls made with Charcoal. Ideal as a unique burger bun.

    White Tartuga Rolls (60x80g)

    Baked. Soft round rolls with cuts on the surface that provide a 'turtle shell' appearance.

    Brown Seeded Tartuga Rolls (60x80g)

    Baked. Soft round brown rolls coated with linseed, sesame seed & sunflower seeds. Cuts on the surface provide a 'turtle shell' appearance.

    Sourdough & Onion Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Delicious as a burger bun or as a sandwich carrier. Hand-shaped & rustically presented. Rich sourdough flavour & hint of onion.

    Eden Burger Buns Glazed (45x90g)

    Baked. Glazed Vegan buns, ideal as a burger carrier. The recipe includes a touch of potato to create a light eat.

    Glazed, Seeded & Sliced Brioche Bun (48x90g)

    A free range egg and pure butter glazed brioche bun topped with rich flavoured golden linseeds. Just right for those gourmet burgers.

    White Crusty Rolls (40x85g)

    Part-baked. Round shaped rolls with one cut. Approximate dimensions: length 111mm, height 60mm.

    Multigrain Triangle Rolls (60x110g)

    Part baked. Triangular shape rolls with a selection of mixed seeds.

    Gourmet Brioche Buns (48x88g)

    Baked. Pre-sliced rolls, made with an egg & butter enriched sweetened dough & glazed with egg.

    Barra Gallega (50x125g)

    Frozen, part-baked rustic white baguettes.

    Tennessee Grillhouse Buns (45x80g)

    Fully baked and unsliced. Southern BBQ style rustic burger buns made with dough containing a dash of red malt. Each bun has an authentic wrinkled top which differentiates them from 'perfect' brioche style buns. The buns are topped with a mix of poppy and sesame seeds for extra bite and a nutty flavour.

    Bretzel Burger Rolls (35x65g)

    Baked. Unsliced. Super soft with a golden brown, glazed appearance & sprinkled with sesame seeds. Ideal as a gourmet burger bun or deli sandwich.

    4.5" Brioche Buns (sliced) (8x6)

    Sliced and fully baked. Brioche buns made with an egg and butter enriched dough and an egg glaze. Ideal as a burger carrier.

    Bao (Hirata) Buns (2x30)

    Asian street food-style Bao (Hirata) Buns. Soft and pillow-like texture. Steamed and folded, wonderful filled with slow-cooked meat, sticky sauce, salad and pickles. Fantastic filled with pulled jackfruit for a Vegan option. Great as a hand-held menu option.

    Crystal Roll Rustic (30)

    Premium sandwich rolls with outstanding alternating textures: a delicate, thin, crispy crust at the outside and a soft, airy crumb inside. Made from wheat flour with sourdough, enriched with olive oil and flour dusted. The rolls are pre-sliced and frozen. Also suitable as a burger bun.

    Frozen Jackfruit Bao Buns 20 Portions (5x1.1kg)

    Steamed Bao buns filled with a mix of oven baked pulled jackfruit and vegetables , in a smokey sauce. Great as a hand-held menu option.

    Brioche Style Burger Buns Sliced (48x86g)

    A soft sweet bun with a glazed golden top. MK 4.5. Sliced. Vegan/Vegetarian

    Onions Dejeunette Village (50 x 140g)

    Fully baked but can be finished in the oven for 3 to 5 minutes if desired. Caramelised Onion baked into fermented sourdough (which has been proved longer) for a distinctive flavour and texture. This rustic slipper shape ciabatta has an authentic and rustic ciabatta style. Flavour works wonderfully with sausages, pate, cheese.