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    Speciality Rolls and Carriers

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    Central Foods Bao Buns (Hirata) (2x30)

    Asian street food-style Bao (Hirata) Buns. Soft and pillow-like texture. Steamed and folded, wonderful filled with slow-cooked meat, sticky sauce, salad and pickles. Fantastic filled with pulled jackfruit for a Vegan option. Great as a hand-held menu option.

    Chefs' Selections Barra Gallega (50x125g)

    Frozen, part-baked rustic white baguettes.

    Delifrance White Crusty Rolls (40x85g)

    Part-baked. Round shaped rolls with one cut. Approximate dimensions: length 111mm, height 60mm.

    Kara 4.5" Brioche Bun (48x73g)

    A pre sliced burger bun made with an egg and butter enriched sweetened dough and glazed with egg.

    Kara Brioche Style Burger Bun (48x86g)

    A soft sweet bun with a glazed golden top. 4.5inch. Sliced. Vegan/Vegetarian.

    Millers Bespoke Bakery American Glazed Sliced Bun (48x70g)

    Round Burger bun, glazed light golden brown, soft crust with a soft creamy white crumb.

    Millers Bespoke Bakery American Glazed Sub Roll (40x18cm)

    Base dough - sub roll, glazed light golden brown, soft crust with a soft creamy yellow crumb.

    Millers Bespoke Bakery Brioche Sub Roll (40x18cm)

    Sub roll glazed light golden brown, soft crust with a soft creamy crumb.

    Millers Bespoke Bakery New York Vegan Bun (60x9.5cm)

    Soft sweet bun with a white crumb and a golden glazed crust.

    Panesco Crystal Roll Rustic (60)

    Premium sandwich roll with outstanding alternating textures: a delicate, thin, crispy crust at the outside and a soft, airy crumb inside. Made from wheat flour with sourdough, enriched with olive oil and flour dusted, pre-sliced. Also suitable as hamburger bun.

    Panesco Gourmet Black Sesame Brioche Bun (30x70g)

    Brioche bun with black sesame.

    Panesco Pre-sliced Laugen Bun (42x80g)

    Round wheat bun belonging to the 'Laugengeb├Ąck'-family, a German baked specialty, with a typical Pretzel taste and a brown crust alternated by pale incisions.

    Planete Pain Bear Vegan Brioche Burger Bun (50x100g)

    Round bun with cuts. Vegan. Thaw & Serve.

    Planete Pain Black Burger Rolls with Sesame Seeds (56x90g)

    Baked. Naturally black rolls made with Charcoal. Ideal as a unique burger bun.

    Planete Pain Bretzel Burger Rolls (35x65g)

    Baked. Pre-sliced. Super soft with a golden brown, glazed appearance & sprinkled with sesame seeds. Ideal as a gourmet burger bun or deli sandwich.

    Planete Pain Sourdough Rolls (50x110g)

    Part-baked. Round shaped. Made with genuine fermented dough to give an authentic flavour. Light in texture with a thin & crispy crust.

    Planete Pain White Tartuga Rolls (60x80g)

    Baked. Soft round rolls with cuts on the surface that provide a 'turtle shell' appearance.

    Speciality Breads Eden Glazed Potato Burger Buns (45x90g)

    Baked. Glazed Vegan buns, ideal as a burger carrier. The recipe includes a touch of potato to create a light eat.

    Speciality Breads Glazed, Seeded & Sliced Brioche Buns (48x90g)

    A free range egg and pure butter glazed brioche bun topped with rich flavoured golden linseeds. Just right for those gourmet burgers.

    Speciality Breads Sourdough & Onion Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Delicious as a burger bun or as a sandwich carrier. Hand-shaped & rustically presented. Rich sourdough flavour & hint of onion.

    Speciality Breads Sourdough Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Rustic rolls with a crunchy, crisp crust & soft interior. Mildly sour flavour & light, airy texture.

    Speciality Breads Tennessee Grillhouse Buns (45x80g)

    Frozen, fully baked, moulded glazed white bread piece topped with Linseeds and Poppy Seeds.