Standard Oils

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Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (4x5L)

Mellow Yellow® Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is produced at the family farm in Northamptonshire, it is grown to LEAF marque standards. Brilliantly versatile in the kitchen, with a high smoke point of around 230˚C, Rich in Omega 3. It can be used for roasting & stir-frying as well as dressings, fish & pestos. Its subtle nutty taste allows the flavour of foods to come through. It is also an ideal & healthy substitute to margarine when baking cakes, puddings & biscuits.

KTC Rapeseed Oil (15ltr)

Clear liquid oil, suitable for culinary purposes. Produced from Non GM oilseed rapeseed.

KTC Sunflower Oil (6x1L)

Pure Sunflower Oil.

KTC Super Hi-Fry (15ltr)

A blend of vegetable oils that remain liquid at ambient room temperatures. Provides a longer frying life than pure vegetable oils.

Olive Pomace Oil Blend (3x5L)

Blend of olive pomace oil with sunflower oil.