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    Sweet Pastries

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    Apricot Croissants (60x115g)

    Unbaked. Fine butter apricot croissants.

    Assorted Danish Pastries (45)

    Baked. 9 of each: Apple whirls, mince whirls, raspberry whirls, apricot crowns. double chocolate whirls. Finished with apricot glaze & icing.

    Bridor Vegan Sunny Orange & Hazelnut Danish Crowns (48x90g)

    Bridor's Vegan Sunny Orange & Hazelnut Crowns have a crispy bite and the flavour of sun-ripened summer oranges. Each crown has a caramelised sugar filling made with soft brown sugar and is topped with chopped hazelnuts for extra bite and a nutty taste. Unbaked and ready to bake in the oven. Perfect with a cup of coffee or tea at any time of the day.

    Bridor Vegan Vanilla Danish Crowns (48x90g)

    Bridor's Vegan Vanilla Danish Crowns are made with sourdough. Each crown has a smooth vanilla custard filling and is topped with chopped hazelnuts for a crispy bite and nutty flavour. Unbaked and ready to bake in the oven for maximum freshness. Perfect with a cup of coffee or tea at any time of the day.

    Chocolate Croissant (48x95g)

    Unbaked. Butter mix croissants with a light and open texture. Each croissant is filled end-to-end with a chocolate flavoured filling and topped with real chocolate shavings.

    Classic Pain aux Raisins (60x110g)

    Unbaked. All-butter, swirl shaped pastries with pastry cream & raisins.

    Classic Torsade au Chocolat (70x90g)

    Chocolate Twists. Unbaked. Generous pastry twists filled with pastry cream & chocolate chips.

    Danish Selection (36x85/100g)

    Unbaked. 12 cinnamon swirls, 12 vanilla crowns, 12 apricot crowns. Supplied with 2 x 150 g white icing sachets. 85-100g.

    Egg Custard Shells (60)

    Unbaked egg custard shells, ready to fill. Made in Lincolnshire.

    Egg Custards (22x110g)

    Unbaked egg custards. Made with fresh eggs, milk & cream. Made in Lincolnshire.

    Large Plain Custard Shells (60x78g)

    Unbaked. Approximately 4?. Large custard tart pastry shells in red foil cases. Approximately 100mm diameter at the top & 33mm depth.

    Les Gourmandiz Mixed Gourmandises (4x35)

    Unbaked. A mix of mini French pastries. Cream pastry rolls (40g), cranberry twists (30g), chocolate twists (28g), cinnamon swirls (35g).

    Mini Danish Selection (120x42g)

    Unbaked. Mini Danish pastries. 24 of each: vanilla crowns, raspberry crowns, apple coronets, cinnamon swirls, maple pecan plaits. Supplied with 150g white icing & 150g syrup sachets.

    Mix de Viennoiseries (3x45)

    Breakfast & Lunch Selection. Unbaked. A traditional assortment of fine butter, mini French pastries. Croissants (30g), pains au chocolat (32g), pains aux raisin (35g).

    Pain au Chocolat (60)

    Frozen and unbaked Pain au Chocolat. Buttery, flaky, French pastry with dark chocolate in the centre. Pre-glazed and ready to bake. Cooks in 18 minutes.

    Pain au Chocolat (70x75g)

    Unbaked. Fine butter pains au chocolat.

    Schulstad Cinnamon Swirls (48x86.8g)

    Unbaked. Pre-proved & glazed Danish pastry swirls with a cinnamon filling.

    Schulstad Maple Pecan Plaits (48x95g)

    Danish pastry plaits with maple syrup filling, topped with pecan nuts.

    Schulstad Pain au Chocolat (48x90g)

    Unbaked. Pastries filled with dark chocolate.

    Schulstad Pain aux Raisin (36x105g)

    Unbaked. Croissant pastry filled with crème pâtissière & juicy raisins.