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    Sweet Potato, Chestnut & Cranberry Loaf (24 x 180g)

    Brand: Tom's Pies
    Little & Cull have created a superbly flavoursome Vegan centre of plate option. The loaf has roasted sweet potato, with chestnuts and tangy cranberries in a light, Vegan batter.The loaf is versatile and the flavours work well with a variety of accompaniments. Excellent as an alternative to meat on your roast menu, simply serve with all the usual potato and vegetable accompaniments. For a comforting, warming dish, try serving with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and Vegan gravy, Based in Devon, Little & Cull source their ingredients as close as possible, making full use of the wonderful produce available in the West Country and UK. They believe provenance is key to the quality products they create.
    Code: 3402
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