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    Syrup and Sweet Spreads

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    Belgogluc Confiserie Glucose Syrup (1kg)

    This glucose syrup is a purified and concentrated aqueous solution of nutritive saccharides obtained by hydrolysis of wheat starch, characterised by a high polysaccharides content. PF205037 1kg Glucose Syrup - Belgosuc S.GLU1

    Centaur 100% Pure Maple Syrup (12x1.25kg)

    100% Pure maple syrup.

    Lotus Biscoff Spread (3kg)

    A smooth caramelised biscuit spread in a 3kg catering pail

    Lotus Biscoff Spread (4x1.6kg)

    Lotus Biscoff Spread has a unique and surprising taste. Made from Lotus caramelised biscuits. Try spreading on toast, bread, pancakes, waffles. Also ideal in baking such as cakes or cheesecakes.

    Lyle's Maple Flavoured Golden Syrup (4x2.8kg)

    Maple natural flavouring blended with golden syrup. A partially inverted refiners syrup originating from a cane sugar syrup solution. It is a pale golden amber viscous syrup. It can be used in any recipe where maple syrup is required. Use in baking to add flavour and sweetness to cakes and biscuits or use as a pouring sauce for pancakes and waffles.

    Nutella (15x350g)

    Enjoy breakfast in so many ways with the great and unique taste of Nutella®. Perfect for breakfast, grab and go and delivery options. An accompaniment for toast, pastries, porridge, pancakes and morning goods.

    Nutella (2x3kg)

    Hazelnut spread with milk & cocoa.

    Nutella Portions (120x15g)

    Hazelnut spread with milk & cocoa. Individual blister portion packs.