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    BBQ, Relish, Salsa

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    Barbecue Sauce (6x1L)

    Barbecue sauce in a squeezy bottle.

    BBQ Sauce Sachets (198x10ml)

    Individual portion packs of BBQ (barbecue, barbeque) sauce. Hellmann's branded.

    HP Texan BBQ Sauce (2x2.15L)

    Taste notes: Intense hickory wood smoke, sweet, balanced acidity, molasses & spices.

    Kitchen Garden Fig & Plum Relish (2.65kg)

    Rich & sweet relish, perfect with full flavoured cheeses & cold meats. No artificial additives, thickeners or preservatives. Based in the small town of Stroud on the edge of the Cotswold Hills, Kitchen Garden has been making condiments since 1989. Their team of talented cooks use only the finest ingredients to produce mustard, chutneys & marmalade.

    Lion Maple & Bourbon BBQ Sauce (6x1L)

    A heady mix of all things Tennessee; sweet maple, rich bourbon & BBQ smoke. Perfect with pork & beef. Usage: Dip, top, glaze, marinade, use as a recipe ingredient.

    Original Barbecue Sauce Sachets (80x32g)

    Generous Barbecue (Barbeque, BBQ) Sauce sachets. A thick & smoky sauce with a molasses-style sweetness. Use as an accompaniment, a marinade or as a dipping sauce. Made in Suffolk by Stokes at their Saucery, using the best ingredients & traditional methods.

    Thick & Chunky Salsa (2x2.2kg)

    A thick deep red chunky salsa with a glossy sheen. Visible 10mm onion dices, with chunks of tomato, red pepper and flecks of Oregano.

    Tomato Relish (2.35kg)

    A glossy, red chutney, with tomatoes, onions, apples & mustard seeds.

    Uncle Johns BBQ Sauce (6x1L)

    Squeezy plastic bottle with nozzle.