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    Almondy Daim Tarta (6x12ptn)

    Pre-cut. Almondy daim chocolate cake with crunchy caramel combines irresistible almond base with a golden cream and crunchy almond caramel, deliciously coated with smooth milk chocolate. It is a gluten free cake. It is Rainforest Alliance certified.

    Americana Hot Dog Rolls 6.5" (72x50g)

    A fully baked, small, side sliced white hot dog roll, approximately 160mm in length. The rolls are supplied frozen

    Blakemans Premier Pigs in Blankets (10x1kg)

    Raw, uncooked sausages in bacon. Approx 40 per 1kg bag

    Blakemans Premier Pigs In Blankets (10x1kg)

    Cooked & individually quick frozen. Tasty skinless pork sausages, wrapped in smoked bacon & oven cooked. Approx 50 per 1kg bag

    Chantilly Patisserie Raspberry & Rhubarb Frangipan (16ptn)

    Sweet pastry case, with rhubarb & raspberries, topped with almond flavour sponge. Baked & apricot glazed.

    Chefs' Selections Battered Cod Fillets, 8-10oz (15)

    Skinless & boneless cod fillets, enrobed in a bubbly batter & flash fried.

    Chefs' Selections Chocolate & Hazelnut Chouxnut (12)

    Individual choux pastry rings filled with a dark chocolate & hazelnut flavour mousse, topped with a chocolate & hazelnut flavour fondant and sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts.

    Chefs' Selections Cranberry and Orange Cake (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. A frozen plain sponge infused with sweetened dried cranberries and mixed peel filled and covered with orange buttercream and decorated with dried sweetened cranberries, mixed peel and dark chocolate flavoured coating drizzle.

    Chefs' Selections Mince Pie Cheesecake (12ptn)

    Pre-cut. Rich pastry case with a spiced fruit cheesecake filling dusted with sugar.

    Dong Feng Disposable Face Masks (50x50)

    Disposable face masks with ear loops and 3 layers. Ultra soft, 3 ply material with filter. Concealed nose piece for a secure fit. Softer for comfort Fluid-resistant Hypoallergenic Antibacterial and antiviral

    Enviroware Translucent PP Lids (10x50)

    176 × 120 × 6 mm.
    Clear polypropylene lids. Clear to allow visibility of products.

    Fanta Orange Post Mix (7L)

    Post mix.

    Kellogg's Coco Pops (2x3.5kg)

    Treat the family to the irresistibly chocolatey taste of Kellogg's Coco Pops breakfast cereal. Deliciously light and crispy chocolate flavour toasted rice that turns the milk chocolatey. Enriched with 8 essential vitamins & minerals including B vitamins, iron and 50% vitamin D daily needs. There are no artificial colours or sweeteners, and now with 30% less* sugar and still the same great chocolatey taste. Share the Coco Pops feeling at the breakfast table and spread a little carefree happiness. Chocolatey fun for everyone!

    Kulana Orange Juice (27x200ml)

    Cartons. From concentrate.

    Matthew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding Loaf (6x1.25kg)

    A moist Christmas Pudding, with juicy Sultanas, Cider and Rum Please note this product not suitable for vegans due to palm oil plus orange & lemon peel being coated with shellac

    Matthew Walker Mini Gluten Free Christmas Puddings (24x100g)

    Inspired by traditional Christmas Pudding recipes, these individual Matthew Walker Gluten Free Christmas Puddings have been made using vine fruits, cider, brandy, sherry, port & glacé cherries.
    • Gluten-free
      • We recommend serving warm with a generous helping of brandy cream and finish with a dusting of icing sugar.

    Pacific West Frozen Raw Katsu Battered Prawns (10x500g)

    21/25 p/lb count. ASC certified Vannamei tail on torpedo prawns coated in curry profile battered coating. Product is par fried with RSPO palm oil.

    Pacific West Prawn Twisters (6x800g)

    22-25g each. Herb & garlic marinated prawn meat, hand rolled in crispy spring roll pastry.

    Proper Cornish Vegetable Dhal Curry Pasties (20x283g)

    A delicious vegetable dhal curry pasty containing sweet potato, lentils, chickpeas, tomato and onion in a glossy sauce, giving a predominant flavour and fragrant aroma of coconut and spice with a mild heat that develops slowly, encased in our unique, pre-glazed hand-crimped pastry case.

    Radnor Still Spring Water (24x330ml)

    Plastic bottles. Screw caps.

    Reload No. 6 Concentrated Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner (4x2L)

    Reload No.6. Glass & Stainless Steel Concentrate. Effective glass cleaner that cuts through grease and grime. Ideal for cleaning and polishing stainless steel where a streak-free finish is required- Deli areas! Gives an exceptional sparkling finish. For use through Super C bottle dispenser.

    Click here to view COSHH sheet.

    Reload No. 8 Room Fragrance (4x2L)

    Reload No.8 Air Freshener Concentrate. Leaves rooms smelling clean and fresh with a light citrus fragrance. Neutralises body odours and stale tobacco. For use through Super C bottle dispenser.

    Click here to view COSHH sheet.

    Schweppes Orange Juice (24x125ml)

    Glass bottles. Crown caps.

    Sibylla Hot Dog Bags (1000)

    Sibylla Hot Dog Bags

    Tango Orange Free Post Mix (7L)

    Post mix.

    The Bake Shed Gluten-Free Black Cherry & Almond Slice (14ptn)

    A light and buttery almond sponge covering sticky black cherry jam on top of a buttery shortcake base, Also tastes amazing served warm with custard, Gluten-free, Pre-cut in to 14 portions.

    The Bake Shed GlutenFree & Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding Slice (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. A gluten free, vegan, sticky toffee pudding slice

    We Love Cake Gluten Free & Vegan Mince Pies (12)

    Gluten, wheat & milk free sweet pastry case filled with mincemeat & topped with a pastry star.

    Wild Juice Merry Meerkat Still Red Apple Flavoured Water (12x270ml)

    Flavoured still water drink. Sports-cap, plastic bottles with meerkat design.