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    Europa Washed Salad (5x500g)

    Washed salad leaves. A mix of Lollo Rosso, Endive, Apollo, Red Chard.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Fresh Samphire/Salicornia (100g)

    Salicornia sea veg is best when served either raw or lightly blanched. Try adding Samphire raw to green, grain or pasta salads. In addition, if you lightly blanch Salicornia and pickle them, this will preserve and enhance the salty flavour. Specialty Produce suggests to use Sea Beans in stir-frys or lightly sauté with garlic and lemon for a simple side dish. Add Sea Vegetables to a variety of seafoods to intensify the salty aroma and taste. Salicornia pairs well with seafood such as fish, crab and smoked salmon. Furthermore, pair pickled Samphire with rich cheeses and meats such as ham or salami. Our Sea Vegetables are the perfect addition to any appetisers, canapés or main meals.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Rosemary (100g)

    Bunched Rosemary has a wide variety of culinary uses. It is a potent herb, and should be used sparingly. However in culinary applications, it does pair well with other herbs such as oregano or garlic. The most common use for this herb is seasoning meats such as pork, lamb, turkey and chicken. However, with it being a versatile herb, it can also be chopped and sprinkled into biscuits and other sweet bakes. Traditionally this bunched herb is used on Focaccia breads, an Italian flatbread baked in an thick oil coating. Alternatively use this herb to make Rosemary salt which can be used on a number of dishes for a unique seasoning. Furthermore, if you have a sweet tooth try making rosemary flavoured honey, jam or sugar.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Thyme (100g)

    This herb is used to season stocks, stews and soups. It can also be used as a stand-alone herb or in savoury combinations. Use this herb in marinades for chicken and fish, or add chopped thyme, salt and pepper, to quartered new potatoes for a citrusy take on roasted potatoes. Thyme pairs well with seafood, red meat and poultry, we recommend salmon as the seafood of choice to pair with this herb. As a herb it releases its flavours slowly so it is favoured in slow and long cooking application. Which is why we recommend cooking it with roast potatoes where the stand alone herb can shine. Infuse syrups, vinegars and ice creams with this herb, straining the liquid to remove the stems and leaves before using.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Viola Mix - Edible Flowers (25x4g)

    Viola edible flowers are vibrant in colour and are best showcased when added to all kinds of culinary preparations. Violas are one of our best sellers, many chefs and bakers use edible flowers to decorate both sweet and savoury dishes. In addition, the petals can be gently pulled from the stem and sprinkled over salads, desserts and main dishes for added beauty to the culinary creations. Viola flowers can be cooked down with sugar to make syrups, jams and jellies. They are also a popular garnish to float atop of cocktails, hot tea and iced drinks. Viola?s have always been a popular trend to decorate cakes, cookies, brownies and more. With our collection of different colours you won?t fail to find a viola that matches your special occasion.

    Pilgrim Fresh Produce 10mm Carrot Batons (2.5kg)

    Whole carrots, topped & tailed and cut into 10mm batons.

    Pilgrim Fresh Produce 20mm Diced Swede (2.5kg)

    Whole swede topped and tailed, peeled and diced into 20mm cubes.

    Pilgrim Fresh Produce Cauliflower Florets (2.5kg)

    Whole cauliflower heads, trimmed of outer leaf and excess stalk base, cut into florets.