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    New products

    Thick Bleach (2x5L)

    Thick bleach is an ideal product for removing stains, cleaning & disinfecting drains, urinals and lavatories. The viscous formulation provides optimum performance and is effective against mould and mildew stains.

    Click here to view COSHH sheet.

    MK5 Seeded Burger Bun (6x8)

    Fully baked and sliced, soft white burger bun topped with sesame seeds. Frozen.

    Crystal Roll Rustic (30)

    Premium sandwich rolls with outstanding alternating textures: a delicate, thin, crispy crust at the outside and a soft, airy crumb inside. Made from wheat flour with sourdough, enriched with olive oil and flour dusted. The rolls are pre-sliced and frozen. Also suitable as a burger bun.

    Snow White's Forest Fruit Cake (12p/ptn)

    Three layers of light sponge cake with cream filling infused with blackcurrants. Decorated with freeze-dried redcurrants, blackcurrants, raspberries and strawberries and sprinkled with Bachelor's Button flowers. Frozen and pre-portioned in to 12 slices.

    Moving Mountains® Hot Dog (24 x 90g)

    Unlike any other plant-based hot dog on the market, Moving Mountains® has used food technology, incredible scientific processes, specialised machines and local natural ingredients to create their revolutionary Hot Dog. These ingredients are combined with a delicious naturally smoked flavour and satisfyingly firm yet bouncy texture, making the Moving Mountains Hot Dog look and taste just like a pork hot dog or frankfurter. It will fool even the most committed carnivores and convince them that a pig isn't needed to make a dog.

    Coconut Milk (12 x 400ml)

    Tinned coconut milk.

    Grated Mature White (6x2kg)

    A mix of grated mature cheddar (50%) with a cheese alternative.

    Single Wall Hot Cup (1000)

    White Single Wall Paper Cup for hot drinks. 12 oz / 340ml. Made from 320gsm food grade board,

    Striped Paper Straws (1000)

    Green and white striped paper straws. With 3 layers of paper, these straws are extremely robust in liquids and ideal for drinking smoothies. Perfect for Love Struck Smoothies. These straws are fully biodegradable, compostable, widely recyclable and made from sustainable materials. They can be put in the same waste disposal as any other paper.

    Traditional Béchamel Sauce (2kg)

    Powder mix. Makes 16 litres. Natural flavours. Bain Marie stable.

    Mona Lisa Marie-Charlotte Chocolate Cups (2.4kg)

    Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Marie-Charlotte Cups. Low carved Dark Chocolate Cups (D: 53, H: 35mm) with a handcrafted appearance. Wonderful for dessert creation. Fill them with creams, ganache, mousses or ice creams for an indulgent dessert.

    Mona Lisa Marbled Extra Large Pencils (4x900g)

    Finely rolled extra large marbled chocolate pencils (D: 7mm, L: 200mm). The chocolate pencils are a sophisticated decoration for desserts, cakes and ice creams.

    Honey Glazed Ham Hock Terrine (3x500g)

    Pressed terrine of slow cooked ham hock with honey and mustard. Contemporary terrine shape. Simple to slice and serve. Based in Devon, Little & Cull source their ingredients as close as possible, making full use of the wonderful produce available in the West Country and UK. They believe provenance is key to the quality products they create. Wherever possible they source farm-assured British meat and free-range eggs to use in their dishes.

    Vegan Vegetable Pasties (20x283g)

    Vegan vegetable pasties made in Cornwall. A colourful selection of vegetables in light vegetable stock encased in a pre-glazed, hand-crimped pastry case. Frozen and unbaked.

    Cheezy Nacho Sauce (6x1L)

    Cheezy nacho sauce in a squeezy bottle.

    Vegan Mayonnaise (6x1L)

    Vegan mayonnaise in a squeezy bottle. Vegan Society approved.

    Sweet Chilli Sauce (6x1L)

    Sweet chilli sauce in a squeezy bottle.

    Mild Mustard (6x1L)

    Mild mustard in a squeezy bottle.

    Barbecue Sauce (6x1L)

    Barbecue sauce in a squeezy bottle.

    Garlic Mayonnaise (6x1ltr)

    Garlic mayonnaise in a squeezy bottle.

    Mayonnaise (6x1L)

    Mayonnaise in a squeezy bottle.

    Brown Sauce (6x1L)

    Brown sauce in a squeezy bottle.

    Tomato Ketchup (6x1L)

    Tomato ketchup in a squeezy bottle.

    Bioplastic Domed Lids (1000)

    Made from plant-based (corn starch) compostable bioplastic PLA (polylactic acid). Breaks down in commercial compost facilities. Non-Branded.

    Non-Branded Bioplastic Cups (12oz) (1000)

    Made from plant-based (corn starch) compostable bioplastic PLA (polylactic acid). Breaks down in commercial compost facilities.

    Bacti-Vir Reload No11 Concentrated Cleaner (4x2L)

    This detergent disinfectant is designed for use on floors, walls, metal surfaces including stainless steel, glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles, plastic surfaces, bathrooms, shower stalls, bathtubs and cabinets. Can be used on kitchen counters, sinks, appliances and cooker tops.
    Dilute before use into trigger spray bottle at 60:1 for general cleaning and 25:1 for heavy duty cleaning and leave product on surface for a 10 minute contact time. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to air dry. Meets BSEN1276 disinfection standard.

    Click here to view COSHH sheet.

    Multigrain Penne Gluten Free (8x500g)

    Multigrain Penne Pasta shapes, Organic, Freee by Doves Farm brand

    Smoked Salmon D-Cut (15x1kg)

    Side fillet of D-cut cold smoked farmed Atlantic salmon, with skin,

    Prawns in Filo Pastry 21/25lb (10x500g)

    Raw prawns hand-wrapped in crispy filo pastry. Frozen.

    Mini Croissant Au Beurre (160x25g)

    Frozen and unbaked mini croissants. Butter-rich and pre egg-washed, ready to bake.

    Unseeded MK4 Burger Bun (4x12)

    Fully baked and frozen. White unseeded burger bun.

    7 inch Yorkshire Puddings (20)

    7 inch frozen Yorkshire puddings. Ready to oven heat.

    4 inch Yorkshire Puddings (4 x 15)

    Frozen 4 inch Yorkshire puddings. Ready to oven heat.

    2 inch Yorkshire Puddings (4x60)

    2 inch frozen Yorkshire puddings. Ready to oven heat.

    Smoked Fish Platter (1 x 140g)

    A selection of smoked fish comprising cold smoked salmon, cold smoked halibut, hot smoked mackerel and hot smoked trout, presented on a gold board and vacuum sealed in a gold pouch.

    Chicken Bouillon Paste Gluten Free (2x1kg)

    Chicken Bouillon Paste. Gluten Free

    Marinated Miniature Figs (6x1.2kg)

    Marinated miniature figs.

    Vanilla Brownie Ice Cream (2x2.4L)

    Vanilla ice cream with hazelnut nougat sauce (12%) and chocolate flavoured brownie pieces (8%).

    Tiramisu Tondo (12 p/ptn)

    Traditional style Tiramisu made to an original recipe. Light, coffee-soaked sponge cake with cream and mascarpone filling with a touch of Marsala. Frozen and pre-cut in to 12 portions.

    Elegant Roll Assortment Selection (90)

    Frozen, stone-oven, part-baked, bread roll selection. Ideal as dinner rolls, mini rolls, accompaniment rolls. 3 Roll varieties. Nordic Ball Rolls 60g Scandinavian-inspired recipe with seeds and toasted cereals. Half Moon Rolls 50g - attractive, crispy, crescent shaped rolls made with wheat and wheat malt. Finedor® Ancient Grains 50g - with sourdough and a unique blend of ancient grains including chia, amaranth, red quinoa, millet, sesame and sunflower seeds.

    Butternut Squash, Lentil & Almond Wellington (16x220g)

    A mixture of rice, butternut squash, lentils and almonds wrapped in puff pastry. Ideal as a meat-free, Vegan main course option.

    Brown Lentil with Mushroom & Garlic Pâté (12x450g)

    A sensory and satisfying recipe of earthy mushrooms and nourishing lentils. This pâté is supplied in a block. Suitable for Vegans.

    Peppered Mackerel Pâté with Lime (Piping Bag) (3 x500g)

    Peppered Mackerel Pâté with Lime in a handy piping bag. Crashing waves of flavour from rich mackerel, shards of pepper and zesty lime. Hand-made in small batches, without artificial colouring, additives or preservatives. The piping bag makes it easy for filling ramekins and canape cases.

    Duck Liver Pâté with Apricots & Apricot Brandy (Piping Bag) (3 x500g)

    Sweet, soft fruit tumble around this rich Duck liver Pâté . A handmade pâté made from British Free Range Duck Liver.

    Individual Bistro Apple Strudel (12)

    Filo pastry crown filled with apple compote and spices baked in vanilla sponge.

    Individual Chocolate & Dulce de Leche Pudding (12)

    Silky chocolate satin sponge with an indulgent dulce de leche centre.

    Individual Raspberry & White Chocolate Pavlova (16)

    Crispy meringue with white chocolate truffle, raspberries and cream.