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    Nurtured in Norfolk Fresh Samphire/Salicornia (100g)

    Salicornia sea veg is best when served either raw or lightly blanched. Try adding Samphire raw to green, grain or pasta salads. In addition, if you lightly blanch Salicornia and pickle them, this will preserve and enhance the salty flavour. Specialty Produce suggests to use Sea Beans in stir-frys or lightly sauté with garlic and lemon for a simple side dish. Add Sea Vegetables to a variety of seafoods to intensify the salty aroma and taste. Salicornia pairs well with seafood such as fish, crab and smoked salmon. Furthermore, pair pickled Samphire with rich cheeses and meats such as ham or salami. Our Sea Vegetables are the perfect addition to any appetisers, canapés or main meals.

    Pilgrim Fresh Produce Asparagus (20)

    Fresh Aspaagus. One bunch is 250g.