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    New Food – April 2021

    Looking for some inspiration for new menu ideas as you welcome your customers back? Look no further, we have a huge range of new food perfect for Summer. Click the video below and see what we have for you!

    To add to your basket or to find out more, click on the products in the list below.

    81263 Chefs’ Selections 4.5” Brioche Buns

    3684 Chefs' Selections Butter Croissants

    3691 Chefs' Selections Pain au Chocolat

    81264 Genius Gluten Free Brioche Burger Buns

    6542 Baked Earth Oval Sourdough Wraps

    A5948 Lion Mango Decorating Coulis

    A5947 Lion Raspberry Decorating Coulis

    A5949 Lion Blueberry Decorating Coulis

    19224 Cornetto Soft Chocolatey

    191979 Wall's Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire

    194031 Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough Peace Pop

    192090 Oreo Ball Top Cone

    192088 Cadbury's Dairy Milk Ball Top Cone

    192091 Oreo Cookie Stick

    192089 Kit Kat Stick

    192081 Mini Milk Vanilla

    192083 Mini Milk Strawberry

    192179 Haribo Strawberry & Vanilla Push up

    191974 Wall's Twister Peek A Blue

    Hellmann's Sachets | 9 flavours available | Colman's branded mustard

    21230 Hellmann's Malt Vinegar Sachets

    21231 Hellmann's Vegan Mayo Sachets

    21240 Hellmann's Tomato Ketchup Sachets

    21242 Hellmann's BBQ Sauce Sachets

    21241 Hellmann's Brown Sauce Sachets

    21232 Hellmann's Tartare Sauce Sachets

    21233 Hellmann's Salad Cream Sachets

    21234 Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise Sachets

    21243 Colman's English Mustard Sachets

    242719 Innovate Halloumi Fries

    185903 Pacific West Crispy Calamari & Cheese Bites

    V3879 15mm Chip Shop Chips (Original with all sizes)

    Z605112 Flora Professional Plant Salted Butter not yet online

    Z605500 Flora Professional Plant Double not yet online

    81279 Kara Brioche Style Burger Buns

    A67310 Lion Vegan Mayonnaise

    165739 KaterVeg! Gluten Free & Vegan Moroccan Style Cauli Bites

    515142 Pukka Vegan Minced Steak & Onion Pies

    515141 Pukka Vegan Chicken & Mushroom Pies

    36976 Bridor Vegan Vanilla Danish Crowns

    36975 Bridor Vegan Sunny Orange & Hazelnut Danish Crowns

    1306 Chinese Pancakes

    3777 Bao (Hirata) Buns

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