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    Beef Burger - Caramelised Onion & Black Pepper, Avg. 4oz (40x113g)


    BBE Date: 15/07/2024

    Frozen British beef, caramelised onion and black pepper.

    Beef Burger - Caramelised Onion & Black Pepper, Avg. 8oz (20x226g)


    BBE Date: 16/07/2024

    Frozen British beef, caramelised onion and black pepper.

    Centaur Dried Haricot Beans (10x1kg)


    BBE Date: 31/07/2024

    Whole, dried haricot beans. White colour.

    Dr. Oetker Rainbow Chocolate Chips Mix (6x850g)

    Chocolate Chips Mix with White Chocolate Drops, Coloured Candy Chocolate Beans, Coloured Sugar Strands and Strawberry Flavour Sugar Crunch White chocolate drops Sugar coated chocolate candy beans: yellow, orange, red, blue, green, pink, purple, brown Sugar flakes: blue, yellow, pink, green Sugar crunch: red.

    Flemings Zeelandia Blackcurrant Fruit Pie Filling (6kg)

    Blackcurrant fruit filling.

    Fosters Malted Split Tin (8x800g)


    BBE Date: 12/09/2024

    A malted dough baked in an open box tin, sliced at 16+/-2mm to give 14 slices + 2 crusts

    Mae Ploy Green Curry Paste (12x1kg)


    BBE Date: 30/06/2024


    Middleton Foods Plain Muffin Mix (4x3.5kg)

    Fluffy plain muffin mix with a creamy vanilla flavour, add water & oil. Makes soft moist muffins or muffin loaf. 3.5 kg Bag makes 91 x 65g portions.

    Nissin Soba Cup Teriyaki Noodles (8x90g)


    BBE Date: 30/09/2024

    Instant wheat noodles with Teriyaki seasoning sauce.

    Qualitops Smoked Turkey Bacon Rashers - Halal (10x500g)


    BBE Date: 20/07/2024

    Smoked Turkey Bacon Rashers - Halal

    Shmoo Starter Pack (Each)

    Everything you need to get started with Shmoo milkshakes. The starter kit includes: 3 x tubs of shake mix including chocolate, strawberry and banana. POS kit including a laminated poster, counter top display and a menu board. 1 x Metal mixing jug. 3 x Bags of toppings plus storage tubs.

    Sweet Street Summerberry Stack (8x8ptn)


    BBE Date: 18/10/2024

    Pre-cut. Bright berries strewn across citrus flecked cake aswirl with cool tart key lime and creamy white chocolate cheese. So cool, on a buttery crunch layered with vibrant raspberry. A look that plays across the seasons.