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    Vegan – Takeaway & Delivery Ideas

    A recent e-study conducted by Veganuary has found that “nearly a third of people are eating more vegan food due to the pandemic” (


    Veganuary have explained the reasons behind the continued growth “Of the 32% who are eating more vegan food due to Covid-19, 73% said it was to be healthier, 43% because they had more time to cook, and 41% due to the link between animal agriculture and pandemics”.

    Here are our selections of easy Vegan menu additions that will appeal to all customers, not just to people seeking a plant-based lifestyle. We have chosen dishes suitable for takeaway and delivery, with comforting flavours that will add warmth to menus even on the coldest of days.


    We have a wide variety of packaging to help you deliver in perfect condition, see the range here.


    We recommend choosing a chip from the McCain Surecrisp range as they have been specifically designed to keep crispy and hot during delivery.


    View McCain Surecrisp here 



    Totally fish-free but with all the flavour of a freshly battered piece of fish, we recommend Quorn’s Salt & Vinegar Fishless Fillets. The flavoured batter really gives these fillets a stand-out taste. Serve classically, with a hearty dollop of mushy peas and chips.

    For a ‘sort-of’ tartare sauce, mix seasoned vegan mayo with finely chopped gherkins and capersKetchup for dunking is essential too. 


    Moving Mountains

    One of the most popular options for takeaway, make sure you are offering a vegan version alongside your meat burger. Meat-free burgers are becoming increasingly popular not just for vegans but also for people who want the flavour of a burger but are reducing their red meat consumption.

    Here are our favourites:

    Moving Mountains B12 Burger

    Paramount Vegan Aromatic Garden Burger

    BBQ Lentil & Mixed Seed Burgers

    Speciality Breads Eden Burger Bun is the perfect burger carrier.



    Warming curries have super appeal during the winter and offer fantastic versatility. Serve with the traditional rice and naan or use as a topping for jacket potatoes as a hearty lunch. Using lentils as well as vegetables in the curry is a cost-effective way to boost the protein levels, helping customers feel more satisfied.

    Holy Cow's Magalore Malabar sauce is gentle, tangy and suitable for Vegans.

    Save time with a ready-made curry, we love the flavour of Paramount's Penang Curry, which can be cooked from frozen in minutes. It has a fiery aromatic coconut sauce with cauliflower, green beans, mange tout & peppers. As well as being Vegan, it is also Gluten-free. Try using as a base for your non-vegan curries too, just add chicken or prawns.



    Bangers and mash is an iconic British comfort food that can be found on most menus. Adding a Vegan version is simple. Quorn’s Cumberland Sausages have both a satisfying flavour and texture that will please everyone. Save time by choosing our ready-peeled Marfona potatoes, the perfect variety for creamy mash. Choose a plant based butter alternative to add extra creaminess like Flora Original and a plant-based gravy too such as Bisto gluten free. Serve with peas to give an added protein boost.


    Vegan Lasagne

    Lasagne is not not just a menu favourite for the meat-eaters, we have an excellent ready-made plant-based version from Scheff. Vegetables in a rich sauce are layered with pasta sheets and topped with a herb-infused crumb.

    You may be surprised to know that our Garlic Bread Slices are suitable for vegan diets and make a great accompaniment to pasta dishes.



    Tom’s Pies make amazing and imaginative creations. Their Cauliflower, Spinach & Lentil Pie is packed with cauliflower, spinach, red lentils, potatoes & a myriad of different spices and they promise “this pie will pack a punch for any curry lover. Filling, feisty & full of flavour, it promises to win over even the dedicated meat eaters.”

    Scheff have perfected the meat-free shepherds pie by combining mushrooms, lentils, carrots & spinach all cooked in a rich ale flavoured sauce. The topping of two bubble & squeak cakes makes this a pie with a difference.



    Simple to heat and easy to wrap for takeaway. Our Vegan pastiessausage rolls and slices are full of flavour and hard to distinguish from their meat filled counterparts. For a more substantial offer, package with chips and a pot of baked beans.



    Suitable for serving either hot or cold, our frozen mix of chickpeas and quinoa also has sweetcorn, tomato, olive oil, coriander, mixed herbs & peppers. Daloon’s Sweet Potato Falafel is made with chickpeas, tomato, apricot and a blend of spices.


    Ginger Lime

    The Bake Shed have mastered the art of creating glorious tasting Vegan cakes, with some of their products all being gluten-free. No need to stock a standard and Vegan option, just advertise both on your menu and stock one product.

    The Bake Shed Ginger, Lime & Parsnip Slice - the heat of the ginger complements the sharp lime which is all mellowed out by the sweet parsnip.

    The Bake Shed Cranberry & Roasted Nut Bar - an oat based bar filled with plentiful roasted almonds, walnuts, peanuts & pistachios, as well as cranberries.

    The Bake Shed Lemon & Poppy Seed Crunch - with lemon & crunchy poppy seeds. The poppy seeds are toasted to enhance their flavour.

    The Bake Shed Dark Chocolate Brownie - a fudgy brownie filled with dark chocolate for the dark chocolate lovers!

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